Three at once?

Three at once?

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For the third time, Prasident Donald Trump will lift a wish candidate as a grace on the office?

The legendary advice of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which was in office for 27 years, died on Friday at the age of 87 years. Immediately, the discussion aroused at the time for the appointment on Friday evening.

Bader Ginsburg had recently uplifted the desire to be replaced only when a new prasident is in office. The Republicans around Mitch McConnell want a decision before the elections on the 3. November. For US Prasident Donald Trump, the opportunity to determine the composition of the Supreme Court in a term of office for the third time and to get out of balance for many years. After Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death are only three liberal judges in office.

The Democratic Prasident Candidate Joe Biden demanded to wait with the nomination until after the election. Although the Democrats hope to win the woman’s house and also a majority in the Senate, as the democratic candidate Joe Biden has in the surveys the nose. But the Republicans become the Senate at least 3. Keep January and the Prasidens at least until 20. January, which gives you the chance to achieve a conservative six-to-three majority in the Supreme Court.

The court is composed of eight judges (Associate Justices) and a chairman (Chief Justice). Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch were appointed under Trump, Samuel Alito and John Roberts, the chairman of the Supreme Supreme Court, under George W. Bush, and Clarence Thomas came under George H. W. Bush into office. Bill Clinton appointed Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Bader Ginsburg was the only woman among the advanced directions, only under Barack Obama Kamen Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor added.

Now the Democrats warn the Republicans vehemently to follow the prospiere fall, which they themselves created in 2016, when they refused, after the death of Antonin Scalia, the candidate Merrick B proposed to his succession of Prasident Barack Obama. Garland accept. The fundamental, brought by Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority manager in the Senate, was in February 2016, nine months before the elections, it was a ballot.

McConnell praises

One and a half months before the year’s elections, however, McConnell has hurried to fill the vacant position with a conservative judge from the ranks of the Republicans. He rally on Friday evening, a few hours to Bader Ginsburg’s death, that he, as soon as Trump nominated his candidates, would introduce them to the vote to the Senate. The procedure of McConnell is one "Krace Sweeper", Commented the Nytimes, Hillary Clinton speaks of one "huge hypocrisy".

Trump had on the 9th. September submitted an updated list of 20 potential weekly. In addition to many conservative federal communes, he also called Republican senators such as Ted Cruz from Texas, Tom Cotton from Arkansas or Josh Hawley from Missouri.

"The Wars should decide on the prasident, and the prasident should propose a judge to the Senate", demanded biders in front of journalists on Friday. "This position has taken the Republicans in the Senate 2016, when almost ten months left until election. And that’s the position that the Senate has to take today."

The Prasident of the United States nominates judicial candidates, which are then called by the Senate’s consent to the office of the advancer. Theoretically, Trump’s Republicans in the Senate represent the majority with 53 of the 100 members. But still it is not clear if you can keep your powder together. A small number of Republican senators – Susan Collins from Maine, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, Chairman of the Judicial Committee, and Charles E. Grassley from Iowa – according to Nytimes indicated that they do not want to occupy a vacant post at the Supreme Federal Supreme Court, which is so shortly before a prassidal election.

Democrats hope for a majority in the Senate

In 2016, the republican wanted Senate only the power to reject the proposal Obama. This time, Prasident and Senate can pull on a strand and flush trump’s desire candidate, which can only take the democrats. Reason for the hurry has majority drivers McConnell also because of the 3. November also 35 of the 100 Senate Seats are available. In this choice, the Republicans have to defend 23, the Democrats only 12. In order to obtain a majority in the Senate, the Democrats must win at least three mandates and do not lose it.

In South Carolina, the Republican Senator Lindsey Graham stands in front of an unexpectedly rigid race for re-election. In the surveys, his democratic opponent Jaime Harrison is the same. In Arizona, the Democratic candidate Mark Kelly leads in the surveys before the Republican Senator Martha McSally with 52% to 38%. In North Carolina, the surveys also indicate that the Democratic Cal Cunningham declares the Republican Senator Thom Tillis. In Maine, the Republican Senator Susan Collins is not only because of its use for the heavily criticized board Kavanaugh behind the democrat Sara Gideon.

The opportunities for a democratic majority in the Senate are not bad. In order to produce a balance in the Supreme Court with an accomplishing succession of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she could come to Spat.

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