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Peace groups warn against march in the war

A small message in the daily newspaper of the past Saturday was urgently clear that the aftertaking of New York and Washington a lot of stressed statement, after the 11.September is nothing more like before, more than a word houlse is. One in Bramsche at Osnabruck’s escape woman from Palastina threatens the deportation because they should have explained in a radio interview, given the suffering and the many dead in their homeland they do not mourn the events in the US.

Actually, one had from the TAZ, which once had the defense of democratic rights also written for minorities on their flags, a background article can expect. But they arry with the commentless publication of the EPD message. Instead, in the same edition of the colleagues, they have been experienced by the young world. They had probably dared on Wednesday to exude from Phalanx and analytically took the events in the USA. All mourning around the dead, it was remembered that in many areas above all the 3.World people gives that have a coarse hatred of the US representatives. Vietnam Uber Chile and Grenada was recalled in the last 20 years of military phases of US radical policy.

Such considerations had briefly formulated the writer Susan Sunday and US Linguist Norman Chomsky in New York. But in Germany, the JW commentary from TAZ to FAZ leaded to emported reactions. As in the presented German autumn, the motto is again the fact that in times of critical thinking in times of critical thinking, which asks about the causes of violence, equal to the sympathizer.

Nevertheless, a number of groups and organizations have been reported in recent days that warn against the logic of revenge and retaliation to which the US and NATO are preparing. So the Tubingen Information Office reminded Militarization E.V., that so far is still completely open, who was behind these actions: "It is urgent to be preliminary. Then the name of Usama Ibn Ladin appeared and is still called again. What is missing are facts and backgrounds. The question of what someone or a group brings to do such mega-connectivity to have to be made. Also, the question also allows why the USA (and the World Trade Center and the Pentagon) have become aim of this mega behavior."

The Federal Committee of Peace Council, a nationwide coordination office of various peace initiatives, writes: "There is no one hundred percent protection against terrorism and madness-lined actions. A policy that effectively evaporates and scurry to terrorism must escape him the social, political and ideological nambigen in which he thrives." Afterwards, the author again expire in the instructive tone, which had already noticed unpleasant in the faded peace movement of the 80s: "When finally realizes that security today is no longer so "perfect" Militarian safety precautions can be ensured?" Ask, as if militars and politicians had not reached their learning goal yet.

Politically argued because the call build bridges – prevent violence scaling signed by more than 30 peace organizations from the entire republic. "Also thinking about the political conditions, which have made it possible that part of the people in some volks "west" and especially the US so, a group of terrorists apparently means that they can relate to this underprere at their mass murder."

From the circle of this peace court, the call comes to a peace-political advice, which next Saturday under the motto "No revenge – no war" will take place in Kassel. Whether the goal set by the organizers to mobilize the peace movement against war preparations is achieved, must be provided with significant question marks given the years of weakness of this movement. You will also receive support from renowned peace research institutes such as the Berlin Information Center for Transatlantic Security, whose head of Otfried Nassauer for a covert acceptance of other cultures, religions and society structures are pladated.

Not only in Germany, peace groups can speak strongly. Also in the US is urgently warned against a further turning of the violent piracy: so plads the Womens International League for Peace approached in the USA for the start of civil right instead of further mat radiator. The New York-based International Action Centrum continued in its political association: "The Bush government wants to take advantage of the opposite crisis to justify another increase in the war budget of the Pentagon, at the expedition of the funds for home, education, health, work procurement and other human needs." The anti-milestarists also fledged a more reprinted domestic policy in the windshade of global emports over the following.

First signs there are not only in the USA. The green member of parliament Christoph Strobele exberged in a television interview even the rendering that the emergency laws could enter into force during a continuation of the crisis. At the latest, when the NATO pick-up pact has been implemented, it could be that way.

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