The windows remain closed

Knight Rushdie and the Fundi Round

I belong to those adults who can not start with knights too much, for the word to an old, overhauled, uninteresting world. Excluded are a few poems of minnesangers with rebellious potential that refuse to folkloric romanticism, which the knight’s genre has been encouraging for centuries. Different the three-year-old, for that is a knight of the bravest all firefighters because he fights against the dragon and has only a sword that necessarily is a sharp.

But even in the adult world, one could experience in the last few days, as acute and alive knights at the beginning of the 21.Century can be. Had been used for a long time that the appointment to the knight is actually an English-aristocratic variant of the LIFE-Time Achievement Grammy or the Life Works Oskar and the knights that was completed on aging film and pop stars only within has certain circle meaning, everything is different now.

For the modern appreciation of the knights to the actual significant event, reactions from the upscale fundamentalist-Islamic milieu: government members, parliamentary speakers, high spiritual and financiers. The British government was invited by several governments to reduce the award, which she has awarded to the writer Salman Rushdie and apologize. A prominent member of the government in Pakistan indicated that a suicide mesh was conceivable and even appropriate to Rushdie; An organization praised a reward of 80.000 pounds for the execution of the abnormal rush; From Iran, it was confirmed that the Fatwa, which Hubt the murder of the writer is still available.

Similar to the world of the three-year-old, it is serious with symbol figures in the Juste Milieu the fundamental Islamic value. As the murder of the Japanese Rushdie translator, the attacks on his Italian translator and the Norwegian publishers speak a significant, direct language.

In contrast to the book of the newly appointed knight, which is responsible for the scandal, which is inflamed about 18 years ago and now experienced a revival. Who reads the "Satanic verses", remember very fast – even if he reads only a few pages – that he has it with literature, so with the realm of indirect, the rewriting, hints and the language play. Apparently, this is a sword that is still sharp. Even this is an interesting perception update at times when the question of the political effect of literature is no longer achieved.

Apart from that, the Rushdie Circus is a remake: you do not have to read the whole story of political scandal, which relax in 1989 after the "Death Fat" of the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini Uber Salman Rushdie to make sure that the current "Anatomy of the turmoil" was already created at the time: that it was about propaganda, the "unbelieved and unemployed manners have an uplifting, in moments almost ecstatic feeling (giving) by choosing them, their cloudy concern was defended thanks to their proud help."

Interesting is about it that Western politicians were in the same dilemma at the same time, which is accused today:

Real Policy May Be The Order of the Day, But When President Clinton Received Rushdie at the White House on November 24, 1993, IT TOOK HIM ONLY A FEW DAYS TO BEGIN Loudly Explaining That He "meter no disrepect" to the Muslim World, And That He Only Saw The Author " For a Few Minutes.

Weekly Wire

The same remained is that Rushdie is unloved in the West. Hardly writers reported in England on his defense 1. He has embedded new life like little others of English-speaking literature. How some distancements show against Rushdie – glamored with the populist indication that the protective measures have cost the English taxpayer so much money – this man is well as a second half. Unfortunately also in liberal circles, which staple the declaration and emancipation on their flags.

To hope is that immigrant offspring in England think differently as a dark writer and propaganda-like hools in Pakistan and Iran and Rushdie understands as a knight-role model: as one that set out to open the windows, for a Reformation, "the not just the ideologues of the Jihad, but it also takes up with the dusty, stuffy seminars of the traditionalists and finally quarrels the windows of the closed societies "(cf). Fresh air for Muslims).

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