The vaporware of the bka

The Federal Criminal Police Office has more in the hindquarch than the political language pipes of the office say? BKA-Prasident Jorg Zierke gives oracle-like explanations

Burkhard Schroder has already carried out in concealed access to hard drives, as the pop of the Federal Trojan and the online search was went through the media and disseminated. However, the political class is by no means knowledgeable when it comes to Trojan, online monitoring and the attachment of e-mails.

The Artificial Upper Bayer Gunther Beckstein revealed himself on the 10th. European police congress in Berlin. To a talk show-ready anecdote, he paid in a good-humored, he himself had almost opened a trojan appendix sent by e-mail on his private PC, which with the sender BKA camny. He had naturally adopted as Minister of Interior, in which an official information for him was included and "hundred percent" Drauftkickt, if he had not warned his wife in good time before one of the most dangerous attacks at all.

The Federal Interior Minister seems not much better and cunned in a Taz interview almost with his lack of ignorance: "No, I’m not coming into a computer, I barely know how the police do that. I just know what a Trojan is …" Gets wolfgang "I am donor, I do not need to send me the BKA Trojan" Chamels might not really do that right now, what His Super Shorge wants from the Federal Criminal Police Office?

The Berlin Interior Senator Ehrhart Corting (SPD), Chairman of the Interior Ministers Conference, could prove that he knew more due to technical tutoring. His technicians had told him, so he explained to the same police congress that with such Trojans just reach the DAU, the stupid user – and that are terrorists and dangerous criminals not yet:

It is therefore not achieved the dangerous criminals that will hide, somewhere external emails so that he does a program at the same time. Incidentally, the computers will be fine – that’s all for the old generation, what we are talking about – the computers will be so equipped so, and some programs are already so equipped that there is a display: Attention, do you really want to install this program?

For these safely appropriate findings – how to see the example of the user Beckstein – but already "technician" to consult. Does this generation of politicians have no children who could teach them a little more?

After the Trojan number always looked stupid and Dunner, the BKA had to come up with something new. The first new project came to zero clock 45, in the first hour of the 15. February 2007, in the night magazine of the ARD. BKA-Prasident Zierke tried to rename once again, why he definitely has new laws for the "Online search" Knowing to have believed.

First, the search must be secretly, he argued, because you want to warn the opposite. It goes around the "Detection of networks, network structures", Wool behind the individuals "Discover the networks basically". Were this again technician who souffiously?

As a further budget for secret online searches, the BKA own deficits have to serve for Zierke:

The second is, we can almost do not penetrate the milieu of Islamist terrorism with hidden investigers. We do not see, ah, similar to how many people in the milieu, we do not speak the Arab language. Therefore, we have to consider other access, because Islamist terrorism communicates mostly via the Internet. This is the recruiting agent, that is the means for radicalizing the scene.

And why do not have any employees at the BKA who "look similar" or at least the Arabic language are powerful? Even if the technique of them worked, what do you want to start with the information if you do not understand Arabic? That’s exactly the problem also had the American Schlapphute, who taught worldwide information, as they could only, and then could do so in the absence of Arabic-speaking employees as well as nothing. Is the Trojan pop in perhaps just a means to distract from the lack of competence in your own store?

Gabi Bauer asked Prazise and pointed out that the online monitoring in contrast to telephone monitoring must do something to download, namely something. The answer of the BKA boss fell a little indistinct:

Yes, but we have just – just opportunities, programs that we will develop. We will make environment analyzes. And we only want to use it in individual cases. And that’s exactly the misunderstanding that arises here. We do not want any trawl on the internet, but we want to apply to our opposite, very special, ah, mails, and I have no, ah, concerns and no doubt that will succeed us.

That with the individual case must probably have misunderstood his Minister Schauble. Because that was definitely not in the interview with the TAZ definitely not to determine whether such online monitoring is five times or 50.To take place 000 times a year.

Gabi Bauer asked for purposely from the manufacturers openly laughed safety, "To access our computers", But otherwise the police do not come in. This leads to an even climbing word swallow of the top policeman:

No, it is not about that. Ah, we will not have to be in such a look with our programs that we will apply in such a look, which are common to the damage of the population, but we will be very controlled with high professional software starting our programs and then find the way to this Clearing to can. Especially, and that goes again with the question of why no open house search Ah, criminals invite this data that is usually on the hard disk into the World Wide Web. That’s how the storage space is the internet somewhere worldwide.

"Browse the Internet because not – maybe that’s enough?", Ms. Bauer asked clearly praiser.

We want, no, we can not browse the internet worldwide. That’s the giant reminder, which arises here. We can only start directly on the computer of the individual and only if it is indigaged, that is the same, even the closing software makes us rough problems. Therefore, we have to be required before the interlocking and after the deceleration can. We need the passwords, which you usually do not usually save on your own computer. All that we can only, if we make it online.

In the original sound, it is even clearer than in the transcript, how little ornaments are familiar with the terms used by him. If you did not really believe that, you can still connect the BKA boss in the Day Show Archive. It reduces at least the respect for the higher official plane in federal agents. To take apart his arguments in detail, but does not appear the Muhe.

Zierke’s statements sent to the night and found no resonant in other media. On the same day, he continued in an interview with the world and immediately announced a new category of software:

We will develop a special, highly professional software that does not like to compare with hacking or trojans. The investigators can only work in detail and have to make an environmental analysis of the person concerned in advance. The programs should contain specific signal words for the search. Privacy is thereby protected.

Here his awkward language obviously was slightly contaminated. So from Trojans he does not want to talk anymore, Uber Hacking also not, and launches of privacy should now be closed by software. More about the "High professional" Software from the office he likes the readers but unfortunately do not know. This is not quite similar as the envision of a software company that has not yet developed and but she wants to impress her customers as well as the borse? Vaporware is called this non-real existing variety of software in the computer industry. Now she has obviously arrived in politics.

Over the costs previously expired, there was a bit after drabs. According to FAZ, the investigators came 160 million euros special allowances for the infrastructure of the "Online searches" at. Here was also on the edge to learn that no specially trained "Online searcher" Give, but only officials who "versed in the field" be. And here there was on the 5. February already the first careful vaporware requirement:

According to reports, the security services have now also developed espionage programs that go beyond the Trojan principle. These were automatically searched by computer after unsecured ingredients as soon as they log in to the internet. After work, the spies uninstall itself and disappear unrecognized.

With "According to reports" was avoided sector with the naming of a source. The message from the fictitious software but was drabs.

Maybe, yes you have to imagine that: there two, three official hobby programmers in the BKA canteen and paid out what they were so theoretically everything. And that went through the rail of her supervisors to the top, where it was not so correctly understood – and now talk Zierke, Schauble and Beckstein Tagaus, day-ahead of urgent legislation.

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