The us will go down in 2007…

…and the world becomes poor

In this days we reach us a warning call from the distant Weste, from the land of the Prophet, a thunderstorm from Palastina.

Millions of Muslims have, according to Jerusalem Post the analysis of the Koran, which presented their attention of the Palastic Scholar Siad Silwadi Village Silwad at Ramallah a few days ago of the world substitute. Under the Americans, which are particularly affected by the outcome of the Koran Study, so far only a few have taken note of the rough thing – as far as the reactions listed on Google are representative, only a few right-wing bloggers, seemingly permanently looking for consideration prove Dregular culture and science.

Ziad Silwadi wants to have found out by its intensive study of the Koran that the US will go down in 2007. A giant tsunami will come across the whole country. Because the US, despite their short history, had committed many coarse sundes – the war against the Indians, slavery, the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and, especially in the Muslim world, became still awarded further, so Silwadi, the Send everyem a tidal wave there, bifurkal, over the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Since the US is not mentioned in the Koran, Silwadi worked with an analogy with his exegesis. He set America and its rulers with the Pharaohs equal because they share the same sundes of arrogance and excessive pride, and was dependent on the situation: At least 12 times the Koran knew the fact that a Pharaoh for his boses was punished by drowning drowning.

While many of the notoriously radical Koran boulders of our days lay on letter-loyalty to letters, the still little known scholar has extended his insight to numbers, which would allow him the specification of the exact date of the disappearance of the USA: according to his information showed him "careful reading", "Analysis of the words in the opening as the Jusuf-Sur", that the USA only 231 years exist. In the shellest of the Koransuren, which were referred to the us of the US, he came to the numbers 1776 (the year of American independence) and just 231, the sum result then the year, in the America "disappear" became. The US is like a tree that is very fast waxes and many fruits carry, but rootless. He has the findings of his study, according to the Jerusalem Post in "many Muslim countries" In circulation is published out of a responsible firing, "Because what will happen, extremely shocking and pregnant is", Silwadi shared with:

It would be fair to say that the world is better with a US that is not superpower and does not move from the weak nations than with a world where this country does not exist at all. This world was certainly a lot of losing a lot if and as soon as this disaster occurs, because of the rough merits, which the American company for the economy, industry and science has done.

In the presentation of the nightland, it was possible to call it as shocking and demonstrating that theses of spinners like Silwadi under the Muslims get so many pendants. However, two things should not be forgotten: Even in the seemingly so clarified West, Nostradamus experts and others delete themselves through a world-breaking scenario after another (cf. also a world power, not quite from this world). And on the other hand, the "root" perhaps not entirely innocent that millions are delighted at the idea of his destruction.

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