The us government will finally say goodbye to the war against terror

In his second and last term of office, Obama seems to be bolder and let’s take a try on whether one could end the long war with the accommodating rights for the prasident

Recently, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that Al-Qaeda was peaked, but that the global struggle against terrorism will continue to continue (Pentagon stopping at the global war against terrorism). Last year, however, he had ever been concerted that the United State was almost defeated. The threat of Al-Qaeda continues to give the US prasident of the congress after the 11.9. approved law as the Supreme Warlord, where Obama continued to be recorded.

The US government will finally say goodbye to the war against terror

US soldiers in 12. Year in Afghanistan. Image: US Navy

Apparently, there is no unity in the Pentagon, whether one is the worldwide war against terrorism, which continued with drones, special units and other hidden resources, even if one has adopted by Bush’s scheduled terminology of the Gwot. On Friday, Jeh Johnson spoke, the legal adviser of the Pentagon, before the Oxford Union in London, that one continues to fight against the terrorist group in a legal manner that the American values did not violate. The terrorium group is still a danger, but today al-Qaeda "peak, deformed and on the run". Bin Laden and many fuhrers are dead, the group had decentralized, the dangerous branches are currently found in Yemen and in the Maghreb in North Africa.

The Bush government had the connection of the 11.9. As war recognition interpreted and answered accordingly military (We’re at was, the USA attack – and a rough chance was ostentan). The Congress authorized the prasident to take all necessary and adequate resources against Al Qaeda and all states, organizations or individuals supporting the terrorist group. Thus, the prasident in this long war also has 12 years after the 11th.9. still extraordinary powers as a warlord.

Apparently, Obama wants to draw a final line under the permanent war in his second and last term of office. Johnson explained, Obama had insisted that the unconventional war against an unconventional enemy since 2001 "Conventional legal principles" MUSSE MUSH. If you want to destroy al Qaeda, you do not destroy your own laws and values. This is clearly directed against the derogations introduced by the Bush government. Johnson also attacks the unlimited imprisonment without charge and targeted tuts, both are considered legal in the USA. Johnson explains that there is dead force, but in the context of war laws and the principles of appropriateness, necessity and distinction. Al-Qaeda terrorists were recorded according to Geneva conventions and other laws and agreements.

As far as the Schreifererei, which Johnson also needs to care for the not the first tenure of Obama to jerk into the twilight. But he asks how the armed conflict should end. Because it is an unconventional conflict with an unconventional enemy, he will not end in a conventional manner, Johnson. In fact, the end can only be explained by the US government, a truce and a peace treaty, as they can be decided by States is unthinkable. Negotiations will not exist. But you can not drove to endlessly, you can not expect, says Johnson, "that we catch every terrorist or dead, who claims to stand in a relationship with al-Qaeda".

That sounds meantime and needed for a long time to be addressed for a long time – and not yet in the US. Johnson says, probably also to test the reaction that it will come to a turning point where so many al-Qaeda members were killed or captured, so that the group has no coarse attack as on 11.9. can do more against the US exports. Then one should, according to Johnson, the evidence of Al-Qaeda no more than "armed conflict" designate, but it is one "Anti-terror absorption against individual", which remained after the crucial. Then no longer the military realized and the prasident did not have to have the rights as the topmost warlord.

Of course, it is interesting that the Pentagon in the collapsing does not constitute the consequences, the Johnson, who is considered as a possible successor for the post of the Minister of Justice, nevertheless. After the turning point, the police and other law enforcement habits were taken over the tasks. Although not everyone after one end of the war "enemy camphor" This was not released immediately after the Second World War, but it was able to ame after the executions that then those justified by the state of war "Targeted totations" were set because you "in the context of law enforcement or criminal legislation no person for death or infringee without charge and process against an independent court and an independent jury" kink.

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