The trinity of tributoconomy

The Trinity of Tributoconomy

With subsidies, effective income from property rights and appropriation by debt, the capitalist machinery of endless money utilization is kept in progress

It always looked at the dirty secrets of capitalism that he has very little to do with free market and was inseparable from the beginning with state dominance structures. The cheerful states maintained handlers and bankers such as the fuggers monopoly rights as a counterfortain for loans, with which the provincial lords paid Soldner and rusts. Only through these loans the newly forming territorial states could build their power. And only by the monopolies, the handlers and bankers could reach the enormous concentration of capital in their hands, without the capitalism unthinkable goods.

The first stock corporations of the 17. Century were chops of states and were equipped with charter letters, monopoly rights and even military means. States to date for private companies worldwide trade routes and rely on property rights – often against the massive resistance of local populations, if it comes about, to remain new copper mines or tape, to build pipelines or to distribute small farmers for palmol plantations.

Over the centuries, some other methods have developed in addition to keeping states in the machinery of endless money utilization. Three strategies are of particular importance: subsidies, effective income from ownership and appropriation by debt. This tribleness of the tributoconomy is becoming increasingly important, the more unstable the global economy. Because she also brings permanent money rivers even if the market is hardly even more profits through the sale of hands and services.

Corporation on the drip

In almost all states of the earth there is a complex subsidy-thickness, through which private corporations are continuously demanded with taxpayers. In recent decades, this subsidy network has become a kind of heart-lung machine for the daring capitalism.

A coarse part of the 500 largest corporations of the earth has been bankrupt without the massive support by taxpayers. Let’s take a look at the most powerful industries one after the other:

  • The oil, natural gas and coal industry is subsidized at estimates of the extremely conservative international energy agency every year with around $ 500 billion dollars. The still much major damage that causes this industry caused by climate change – and for which they have not paid virtually nothing – not yet. Also not considered are the cost of the wars around Orol and the military securing of pipelines and tanker routes, which are also denied from taxpayers.
  • The Gigantic Olsubventions also massif the crisis-scolded automotive industry worldwide. If the true costs of OLS were transferred to gasoline prices, goods driving for most people priceless, the industry was collapsed. The construction and maintenance of straws also devoures far more money in all countries of the earth than is taken by vehicle taxes – a trillion-severe subsidy that gives the auto industry a decisive advantage against rail transport. The Federal Environmental Agency has calculated that car traffic in Germany, if you are entitled to environmental damage and inflation, the general public costs 59 billion euros each year than the fiscal ames car-related taxes and bonds. For the environmental and health damage due to criminal machinations, such as the manipulation of exhaust values, numbers of mobile subscribers virtually nothing. There are also massive direct subsidies. For the so-called scrapping program according to the financial crisis, five billion euros in Germany finished in the US, in the US, the government even donated $ 80 billion to save GM and Chrysler, of which ten billion were lost in the end of the taxpayers in the long run.
  • The aircraft industry produces the fastest growing share of greenhouse gases and pays nothing for the resulting damage. For their infrastructure, in particular the construction of airport, the taxpayers come on almost exclusively. The BER airport at Berlin alone has already devoured in the construction phase five billion euros, the equivalent of about one million kindergarten bursts. Vehiclegin is not taxed worldwide, air traffic is also reciprocated from the UN climate negotiations. Airlines like Al Italia or Air Berlin were preserved with hundreds of millions of euros in tax funds before the bankruptcy. The aircraft builders Airbus and Boeing receive directly and indirectly government subsidies in billions, which are regularly subjected to trade disputes between the EU and the USA.
  • As well as all the heavy banks of the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain and many other states were no longer existing today if they had not been saved with taxpayers in trillion high levels since 2008. The same applies to some of the world’s largest insurance companies such as AIG or Alliance. In Germany alone, banking rescues for taxpayers under the line with about 60 billion euros to be booked, as much as all German schools cost together a year. Also the alleged "Rescue packages for Greece" served, on the detour of the Greek State Trailer, almost exclusively of the banking rescue, in the Greek burgers of this, as well as nothing has arrived: 206 billion euros from the two first rescue packages went to the private banks, in which the Greek government had been in debt, only 9.7 billion benefited the state budget.
  • The central banks of the USA, the EU and Japan have since 2008 have pumped the incredible amount of nine trillion dollars into the financial system in order to preserve the market in front of the collapse. A single month from the ECB Securities program had enough to loose the debt crisis of Greece. Instead, the money flossed to private banks. Since 2016 to the program in addition to the acquisition of government bonds also the purchase of shares. The ECB alone has spent about 80 billion euros for about 80 billion euros. Thus, the equity values for the Shareholder are crowded upwards.
  • The IT corporations of the Silicon Valley have set up their capital on computer technologies developed for decades of state-based research institutions financed by taxpayers, in particular the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These technologies have been Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Co. Provided free of charge. In an iPhone, as the Economin Mariana Mazzzato detects, not a single technology that was not politically financed. So the state has worked as a research department for these companies. The companies in turn have privatized the upcoming state gifts and developed from it proprietary software that forms the basis of their wealth and their power. This system is secured by state patent law and the refusal of most governments, effectively against the monopolies of these corporations.
  • The pharmaceutical industry receives billions-densely subsidies, including the detour of public research institutions. The EU is pumping with the "Innovative Medicine’s initiative" (IMI) 2.5 billion euros in the pharmaceutical industry. A trinational research team has taken the program under the magnifying glass and has come to the conclusion, it serves "Almost only to subsidize the industry on the detour of research." The IMI is only the tip of the iceberg, coarse parts of public universitarian research in the field of "Life Science" are primarily the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. In the US, two-thirds of pharmaceutical research are denied from state subsidies that are based on approx. Amount to 30 billion dollars; The profits from the mostly supercurrent drugs, however, are completely privatized.
  • The high-tech strategy of the German Federal Government, a research program with a scope of 27 billion euros, is among far a subsidy program for coarse companies. That’s little surprising, as the "Research Union economics science", The for the program was much co-responsible, with representatives of Daimler, BMW, BASF, Siemens, E.On, Boehringer Ingelheim and Dr. Oetker was occupied. The research claim for a social-ocological transformation, on the other hand, amounts to a thousandth of the high-tech strategy, namely 30 million euros.
  • The chemical industry is subsidized in Germany alone by the exceptions of the renewable energy surcharge of 1.6 billion euros per year.
  • The nuclear industry became massively subsidized in all states that produce nuclear energy, and was at no time without such assistance. According to a Greenpeace study, 200 billion euros in Germany finished in Germany in Germany alone for the 1950s in the coffers of energy companies. Not yet entitled to the cost of resources and final storage, of which the taxpayers probably pay the largest part.
  • The entire rusts will be kept alive by the borne state defense ies, a business of 1.5 trillion dollars per year worldwide. With a fraction of this money, both the hunger in the world, which relates to 800 million people, eliminate, as well as the energy supply completely switches to renewable alternatives.
  • The EU exists for at least 50 billion euros for agricultural subsidies. The Lowenant part of this fell into industrial agriculture, which is responsible for about one-third of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, the degradation of the soil, the emergence of multi-resistant pathogens in mass husbandry and 80 to 90 percent of subwater consumption. By exporting highly subsidized overproduction, agriculture is destroyed mainly in West African countries. Agricultural subsidies even stayed at sectors companies such as BASF, Bayer, RWE and – they can hardly believe it – on the armored manufacturer Rheinmetall.
  • Virtually all coarse corporations benefit from the network of tax oases and control loops created by states and, despite all the opposite lip guidelines, is maintained broken-up. In the EU alone, government revenue losses are estimated by tax evasion and shadow management estimated 1000 billion euros per year. In the medium term, all sovereign debt in the EU love. Often it is the governments themselves, which enable tax avoidance, as shown by the case of Luxembourg Leaks. Most gross states and proteges their tax oases for whether it is the British Channel Islands, Bermudas or Cayman Islands, the American Delaware or Pseudostaats like Monaco in Europe. The whole hospitally stopped stopped if the central banks were expertise all banks, which managed with tax oases, their accounts. But governments and central banks refuse to do this step. The Federal Government also supports the tax flight with a trick by having the supervision of the supervision of the Economic Government CPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers Outgessourct, which have organized even tax avoidance in the coarse style.
  • Investment Protection Agreement (some of which will be misleading "FTA" mentioned) give corporations to sue the opportunity to sue states on claims for damages if, for example, new social or environmental laws failed to escape fictitious. Germany has already completed 130 such agreements to secure investments of German companies abroad. The EU CETA Agreement with Canada and the "FTA" With Japan, exclusive plaintiffs see for corporations. The meaning of this contract is to roll up investment risks on taxpayers to discourage legislators of unpleasant regulations and organize a new kind of money rivals from public funds to companies.
  • A considerable and growing part of the $ 130 billion, which states spend states for development cooperation, relies on organizations such as USAID or the German Development Company DEG into the coffers of gross corporations and their Shareholder. German development aid is used, for example, to demand genetic engineering corporations such as Monsanto and Bayer, the sale of DR.-To subsidize Oetker pizzas in East Africa, to support tax flight and sell small farmers from their country to build palmol plantations there. Overler are public-private partnerships (OPP / PPP) in the center, which serve to privatize profits and to roll off losses on taxpayers.
  • Also domestically contain opps hidden subsidy mechanisms. In the partial privatization of the Berlin water companies in the 1990s, about the Senate Castle with the "Investors" Vivendi / Veolia and RWE a secret contract, which ared the corporations guaranteed profits in high the average market supplies plus two percent, regardless of the services of the company. Thus, they created one of the public hand financed money printing machine for Shareholder. The planned federal velocity society, for the CDU / CSU and SPD in the spring of 2017, brought thirteen basic laws through Bundestag and Federal Council, mainly to open the German highways with a value of estimated 200 billion euros for private capital utilization. With opps and "Silent deposits" Should financial corporations such as Allianz and German Bank, which are desperately searching for lucrative facilities, will provide risk-free, state-secured high returns.
  • The partial privatization of the German pension system ("Riester pension") is a gigantic subsidy program for the coarse insurance and banking companies. The former German Labor Minister Norbert Blum has calculated that the 13 billion euros of state affairs mainly into the funds of private insurance companies as the Alliance. The Germans pay this not only with their taxpayers, but also with a tremendous pension scheduction, because they have now with the same life working time and incomes of 30 percent lower pension than the Easter Richers who have recorded at the state-owned system.

This list could be continued for a while. It shows that the many consults "free market" A Fata Morgana are a carefully maintained myth, which should disguise that the machinery of endless money proliferation only works because we subsidize it daily with ments of taxpayers. During states around the earth massively spending, especially in social society, save, these subsidies are hardly touched, often even expanded.

The chapter published here is from the youth in the Promedia publishing house published book by Fabian Scheidler "chaos.The new age of revolutions".

Now defenders drove this welfare state for corporations into the field, thereby workstations were secured. This argument is obviously nonsensical because one could demand as well as other unusual-oriented activities with the same money, in which per used euro often even produce far more jobs, such as in the health sector, in public transport, in education or the brewery ocological agriculture.

The list also shows that the largest subsidy-receiving at the same time are the destructive industry of the earth. The rule seems to apply: the more destructive, the more state help. Almost all of the for the Klachiama’s main manager, including the banks they financially, were either bankrupt or significant difficulties when they were not criticized by states alive. In other words, the deletion of these subsidies is a crucial lever to stop the spiral of destruction and to bring a social-ocological change to the way. The drip to which these companies are hung, is at the same time their a more vulnerable point. Because during transnational companies are democratically difficult to vary, determine the use of taxpayers – at least theoretically – the burgers. The seemingly omaching giants of the global economy have come to stumbling quickly when the artificial diet was parked by the state.

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