The silence of the lambs

For the rape of a minor year in a German fubing zone

Rape is a crime that often brings investigations and dishes in rough proof because it takes place in the away from the public. So it was so far. In Heide / Schleswig-Holstein, against these days, a 19-year-old, fully drunken tatter raped a 14-year-old in the Fubgangerzone. It happened at the light day. But the tatter is less tader than an openity that is no more. The Madchen asked several times for help, various passers-by observed the events. But none of the attendees were invited to help the minor sacrifice. Spat, very spat, to Spat, after the act shouted just a police.

That husband rape her wives rape her mother’s newborns in Momlei, raping prisoners in prisoners in prisoners – we already knew that. That can be seen, but not end-to-finished from our civilization of the poorly regulated shoots and dangerous privacy banish. As little as terrorists, assassination or amoker. The deed in Heide is already a new category: it demonstrates the creeping structural change of an openness that no longer perceives itself as an openness.

There will be no control more out of attendance that can be considered such an event like a movie – beyond its reality – with a cold eye, a few meters from the pleading victim, without seeing something. Even in the 20s and 30s, the company increasingly derived control over the public space. Radical policy strain bands provided bloody battles without having to face the resistance of the Office of afraid. During the Jewish pogroms, resistance and civil courage became rare to unprecedented virtues of an equally minded as figs Burgergesellschaft.

But the case in Heide has another quality. It is a categorical difference, whether it comes to a state-demanded or tolerated violence in the public or this openity can no longer reflect as a community. In the filming of H.G. Wav "The Time Machine" there is a haunting scene, in which a member of the as well as infantile sheep people "Eloy" in a rubbing swirl device and none of the "fellow men" the moral impulse will be hurried to hurry to him. The courting time traveler just rescues the drowning and teaches this society the lost community spirit – as Prometheus people the fire. The film varies this motif of a dead community gun in various ways in order to recall the socio-constituent importance of civil courage and solidarity against the dawn of man – either as victims (Eloy) or as a tatter (Morlocks) -.

With the event in Heide, the suspicion could emphasize that we are less far away from this antiutopia of human bindingness than we liked. For years, sociological experiments have been presented that, in public transport, foreigners attacked without any assistance of the co-operators. Certainly, we know the apologies: Should I risk my own corpulent integril when hit the beats of the edge and band? But in heaths, the participants did not even find themselves completely safe to handle the mobile phone to alert state help.

Investigation, public prosecutor’s office and police are surprising before. A prosecutor calls it "mess". But that does not hit it. Because such behaviors are properly imposed by no bad conscience or even intent, but thrive in social vacancies that long ago "media" have learned to hide the other as a trivial particles of a mass.

Adorno planned a spatwerk entitled "Cold". The rape of heather would be a good example of the falling temperatures in a society that the operating material "Solidarity" no longer wants to afford or can. That fits well with a non-community, which is no longer able to find effective formulas for a social contractual equity in macropolitic perspective. See you, heath is everywhere.

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