The secret american shadow government

Since the 11.9. If an equivalent government is in atomic bunkers, but whether they had supervised in an emergency government, is unknown

Yesterday, the Washington Post announced that the US government has established a shadow government with high officials from the various ministries for emergency since September in atomic bunkers. From the maaking, in which government gains were allegedly on business trip, neither Senate nor congress have been informed. If the equivalent government would not have been democratically legitimized at all.

Although not yet no hint has not found that USama bin Ladin and the al-Qaeda on nuclear weapons or material has been necessary to make such weapons necessary, the US government, as Prasident Bush has now established, was now on 11. September about 100 high government employees from all ministries in two nuclear bunkers sent to the Eastern Custe to the danger "Continuitate of the government" guarantee. Maybe in these plants, VicePrasident Cheney lasted for a long time. Even after no new indications of the possession of such weapons or even on a possible connection with them appeared, this security or replacement government, which is in use 24 hours a day, is still in bunkers, but has been average since the end of October every 90 days A rotation of the members took place as the Washington post reported. Oberdies has been fluctuated the number of people depending on the latest information of the intelligence services.

The fear of the US government before further and dangerous striking after the 11.9. seems to have been roughly roughly. As you know, Prasident Bush for some time disappeared and Viceprasident lived for a few months in a secure plant. Only an attack with a nuclear bomb on Washington had the US government from being able to prevent the country further. And on this possibility, you had set up by going back on tarpaulin from the Cold War, which but not counted with the possibility of terrorist attack, but with the attack by long-distance missiles.

The commands of the US militar of course have long been going on numerous secure facilities underground, which are operated day and night. For the government, such bunkers were furnished as a whole in the western countries and in the former Eastern Bloc, but practically never needed. After the decay of the Soviet Union and the end of the atomic wettrust, they were apparently no longer examined for malfunctions regularly.

The two bunker plants where the shadow government is domiciled, while apparently weighed on sufficient prirdheads, drinking water or medicine, and the power supply made no difficulty. But technically seemed to be a lot in the argen. So computers found in a plant that "Several generations" were old and with which one could not access the databases of the government. There were too few telephone connections and too few protected audio and video connections.

"We’re Doing Everything in Our Power to Protect The American People. But I Will Tell You, There Are People Still in This World Who Want To Harm America, And We’re Going to Chase Them Down. And it’s going to take a while. But i am a determined person. AS I Told The American People, I’m Not Going to Relent. I Believe We’ve Been Called by History to Lead the World. I Believe This Great, Strong, Compassionate Country Has Been Given A Unique Moment – And I’m Not going to Miss The Moment – By Leading The World To A More Freedom Loving World. And The American People Understand That And They’re Solid Behind This Administration’s Efforts to Defend Freedom." – Prasident Bush on 1. Marz on the question of whether the shadow government is legitimated.

The measures to be taken to establish a government for emergency are still from Ronald Reagan from the 80s. Prasident Bush had on the 8. 10. 2001 with the Executive Order 13228, based on which the Office for Homeland Security was created, also transfer the task to review the tarpaulin and preparations for a government’s continuity in the event of a terrorist attack.

However, as evidenced by the known shadow government for months, congress and Senate were not informed about this secret maaking. It is unclear whether there are any legal bases that Prasident Bush permits the secrecy of such a maaking to Parliament in an emergency. The question, according to Washington Post, is independently of the knowledge or non-knowledge of the legislative, as the shadow government in the event of a population for the fancy soft house at the congress could legitimize legitimize. Prasident Bush just said that he "As a prassident the commitment" had had to ensure the further economist of the government if Washington should be successfully attacked, and that there was the danger of an attack with nuclear weapons by Al Qaeda.

"I take the threats we receive from Al Qaeda Morders and terrorists are still very serious." You will do everything. So bus. "What is in our power to demise the American people."

The majority manager of the Senate, the Democrat Thomas Dashle, announced that he did not know anything about the shadow government. For Senate and Congress, it was also taken for precautions, so that in the event of a danger, the work of Parliament could continue to be conducted in another place.

Dashle was under shelling by the Republicans after he had said that, for example, the war against terrorism could not be described as successfully as long as USAMA Bin Ladin or Mohammed Omar are not taken. Reservations were such comments, said the Republican Tom Delay, he wanted to split the country, threw him Trent Lott. This shows how curious the situation is still in the US and also quiet criticism is called unpatriotically. Daschle replied that there must be a muse criteria for the assessment of the procedure, which Parliament has the beginning commitment to ask questions. So far, the democratic deputy stood behind the prasident and his war and competed with the Republicans who is patriotic. With the rather scheduled further execution and expansion of the war and the speech of the "Axis of evil" But the criticism was allowed to become strong, especially if asking questions that are quite "constructive" In terms of war, such BRUSK will be clasped.

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