The result of a foreign urban

The spelling reform is sudden mouseetot. Axel Springer AG and the Mirror Verlag follow the example of the Titanic and return to the old spelling

As soon as we are two weeks away and already it goes in Germany and Druber. Anyway, I did not dare my own eyes when I walked past a hot Greek July day on the way to the beach at the newspaper shop and there had to read the huge headline there that Germany’s manner in my absence have all the sorry for gay now – at least a little bit. And everything because of Guido!

Yes, we Germans spin, I thought, and to avoid further dull grubs in the heat, so I first quickly gained a few glass myths. So the Greek calls name his beer. For which the following in Greece ubiquitous Hollander the following incomplete:

Myth Is Het Meest Populaire Merk in Griekeland Op Dit Moment. Je Ziet Het Overal. De smaak is zoiets as heineken, Maar Dan Iets less bitter.

But the name myth, of course, throws new questions again: so I think it’s really affixed, instead of ordering two espresso correct two espressi. And similarly, Cappuccino or cappuccini. A word that the spelling reform unfortunately did not fallen victim, because I could definitely remember the spelling Kapushino much better than this funny hanging of CS and PS. But back to myth and the question of how to correct two glasses this beer correctly: two myths, myth or even mythise. What was really good in German inns really well: "Please bring me two myths!"

And something else noticed from the distance: In addition to the gay manners and the new Klinsi, there is still a question that FULLT’s narrow summer spending of the daily newspapers: the spelling reform. Although I do not have much on the hat with himself, for that, I have as an aid the correction program of my writing program and, of course, the exceptional editor, which emergencies all my mistakes mercilessly departure-pardon – pardon -. But who has children, and with them then a dictation or the punishment UBT, which comes in Germany quite fast into sweating.

And now it is actually done: the spelling reform is probably final mouseetot. As you can read now on a straight time at Spiegel-Online, Axel Springer AG and the Mirror Verlag in Trauter Unit in her print and online publications return to classical German spelling. And follow the example of the Frankfurt general and the in linguistic questions anyway for the directional Titanic magazine. At the same time, the two publishers address an appeal to other media companies as well as to the news agencies to send themselves to this step.

As a fundamental, Axel Springer AG and the Mirror Publisher, the lack of acceptance and the increasing uncertainty refer to the given rules for the German written language. After five years of practical testing in the print media and six years in the schools, the reform had neither for professional writing nor for Schuler relief or simplification brought. The uncertainty was grown, mixing of age and new spelling are on the agenda. Who could securely write before the reform, make mistakes today. Parents use another orthography as children. Teachers are deeply unsettled.

The result of a foreign urban

From the homepage of the Titanick

Yes, that’s just about it when you’re gone two weeks. Then it goes immediately in Germany immediately and druber. And – Attention! Breaking News – Meanwhile, there is another sensational development, a first opinion of the Titanic language protectors:

Titanic returns to the whole, very old right-ancient rightbiting you Habent Eyn Eynlich: The Mirror Verlag and Springer return to the old right-hand cake. But Titanick still goes Eyn’s walking wine and Schreybet from the present day in the rattle classic Teutsch. Please snap hero grace for the jokes, Wou Neidhart to the Artte Kummet and the Hasigline to the Frouwe Saget, this Seye also even Keyne Mohrrube.

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