The problems of ukraine with atomic safety

There is a lack of money for the construction of Chernobyl protective hull. The state is cranking the work of the nuclear supervision. Nationalists want atomic bomb

On Sunday, in Ukraine, a law came into force, which complicated the independent control of atomic economy in Ukraine. The new law on the "Licensing of some economic activities" Injur the independence of the Ukrainian nuclear supervisory persons and bound the supervisory officials "in the implementation of inspections", Quotes the ARD Sergei Boshko, the head of the Ukrainian nuclear supervision.

AKW nuclear power plant_saporischschja. Image: RALF1969 / CC-BY-SA-3.0

After an alarm letter from the atompolitan spokeswoman of the Grunen in the Bundestag, Sylvia Kotting-Uhl, Aufemister Franz-Walter Steinmeier and Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks were also worried. In a letter of 3. June, from which the ARD cited, the two ministers are concerned about the independence of the Ukrainian nuclear supervision.

However, the majority of the Federal Government continues to make a bow to the main risk for atomic safety in Ukraine. Not all levers are used, so that Ukraine the "Anti-terrorist surgery" against the own population in the Ostukraine stops. Ukraine has four nuclear power plants with 15 atomic reactors. The country relates to the half of the electricity from the AKWs. Further nuclear power plants should be built and runtimes are required.

Tagelanger Waldbrand in the security zone of Chernobyl

Because the Ukrainian state has no money, he can only survive the safety of the nuclear layers. This was shown at the end of April 2015, as in the 30-kilometer security zone around the atomic power plant Chernobyl Wooded a forest fire. The inadequate financing of the fire brigade had been one of the causes of the forest fire, explained the head of the Chernobyl Fire Department Union, Nikolai Tenderer, on a press conference. The authority in Kiev had calmed off the population and explains, because of the fire, the radioactivity in the region was not "Over the norm" gone up.

There are also problems with atomic safety through the law with the "Representatives of the old power" be announced from state institutions, called too "Lustration". In October last year, the head of state supervision for nuclear safety, Mikhail Gashw, was released on the basis of this new law.

It was probably no coincidence that it was just Gashen. He had banned the viewing of Ukrainian nuclear power plants with the firing centers of the American company Westinghouse in Ukraine. Precedained problems with Westinghouse focal centers, which had to be removed in June 2012 due to construction errors from two reactors of the Sudukrainian nuclear power plant.

After walking along Gashen, the cooperation with Westinghouse was expanded again. After a contract concluded at the end of December 2014, the US Group is intended to deliver the focal bar for Ukrainian nuclear power plants to 2020. Prime Minister Jazzenjuk funding this decision to make Ukraine more independent of Russian focal stars.

Another US company, Holtec International, got the contract for the construction of a central Ukrainian warehouse from nuclear power plants at the end of January 2015 at the end of January 2015. The construction of the plant should begin this year. The focalist should "dry" be stored in double-walled stainless steel bars. This project is also intended to serve the independence of Russia. So far, Ukraine had transported over the half of his spent focal stabilia for reprocessing to Russia.

It lacks money for the new Chernobyl protective hull

It is eagerly new partners for an expansion of Ukrainian atomic energy are being searched, while the atomic ruins Chernobyl is still not secured. There are still a lack of 85 million euros of the Western donorlanders for the construction of the mobile protection hull (New Safe Confinement), which is to be driven over the holeful Chernobyl sarcophagus. Therefore, with the completion of DE Protective Hulle only in November 2017. The sarcophagus was built in 1986 in a hurry around the most terrible reactor.

According to the Internet portal Golos.Among other things, there are already cracks in the sarcophagus with a total surface of 1.000 square meters. Should the sarcophagus, whereby radioactive dust was escaped, other states were affected, explained State Secretar Jochen Flasbarth from the German Federal Environment Ministry.

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