The practical book hdr photography

from Jurgen Hero

Digital high-end photography with HDRI, RAW and panoramas

The practical book HDR photography

High Dynamic Range Rendering conjures up from several, visually exposed photos of a motif in dark and bright image shares optimally exposed variant. Beginners who have previously made no or hardly experiences with this recording and combination technique for highly dynamic images, had to look for suitable literature for a long time.

Jurgen Hero Klar first on the underlying principles: the recording technology and the assembly of the individual photos as well as the tone mapping of the finished image. Long and wide, he then aweses himself around the picture import in Photoshop Ober Camera Raw, finally further to general work techniques (such as gradation curves and crops) as well as panoramic photography. It is surprising that he gives a few tips on motive election. Equally little clears in the area of Tone Mapping via possible styles and objectives.

The sample images seem to be trimmed to effect maximization. Some show a cardinal error of the Tone mapping: The sky remains unbearable against the actual design.

Special attention is paid to Photomatix, the market-driving program for HDR combination, and the corresponding function installed in Photoshop CS2 / CS3. Since mainly beginners should benefit from the book, he had to use programs for Homewoods such as Photoimpact and Paint Shop Pro instead of the expensive professional product Photoshop, which also have features to create HDR images.

If you already have experience with photography and HDR, will be exchanged. Rewellers conveys the book basic techniques and stimulating examples of fine projects. After all, more detailed no publication is not informed about the topic.

Andre Kramer

Bonn 2008 Galileo Design 281 pages 45 € ISBN 978-3-8362-1103-1
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