The palastinian traces let you have made a mistake

Netanyahu reacts with a plan for the settlement expansion and the stop of the payment of funds on the new UN status Palastinas

The Answer of the Israeli Government on the Palastic’s Palastic Vending Victory at the UN General Assembly fell classically: the government Netanyahu expertise the expansion of settlements on and the stop of the payment of taxpayers that Israel feeds for the palastic autonomous government, in high $ 100 million. Official Greeting: With the retained money, debt of the palastic workers should be paid in the Israeli electricity supplier.

The Europeans react in particular to the envision of the settlement construction "shocked", It’s been in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz. There, catering to three ranted European diplomats, it is reported to contribute to the UK and France to bring back their ambassadors – from protest against Netanjahus plan to continue the settlement construction in East Jerusalem and the adjoining West Bank.

This time it will not stay with a conviction, but real steps are initiated, the newspaper quotes a European diplomat. How the real steps of France and Great Britain look exactly, but remains in the dark, indicated is the possibility that the "Ambassador to Tel Aviv for consultations".

The likelihood that France and Great Britain go so far is not very rough. In the history of relations between the countries, it did not give such a step so far. So far, the Arger is a settlement planner, which come from the Israeli government with quite a regularity, if the PA is unlike aware of matter, always smoke. Already in November last year, when Palastina was recorded by UNESCO, Netanyahu reacted with the envision of "Settlement and payment stop to the autonomous deeds".

The speech was from 2.000 apartments, as well as now also East Jerusalem and the settlement in the Wesitjordanland, Ma’Aleh Adumim. The was implemented "E (AST) 1- Plan" but apparently not yet.

Now Netanyahu packs him again. At the weekend, the Israeli Premier announced that the construction of 3.000 apartments in East Jerusalem and east of Jerusalem, in Ma’Aleh Adumim, Plane. And ensures refusal, especially at the UN and in the UK and France. Great Britain had been included in the vote in the General Assembly, France had voted for the observer status of the Palastians.

The expansion, whereupon not only the Israeli NGO IR Amin indicates, connecting the settlement Ma’Aleh Adumim with East Jerusalem, which resulted in the West Bank by the settlement for the Palastinians at this point in two. With a difficult passage for Palasticians and the prospect that it makes the basic Palastic Palastic State impossible (map here).

What should happen to the palatinians in this area will not mention in the tarpaulins, so Ir Amin. With the settlement in the east of Jerusalems was started in 2004 under Minister EFI Eitam without a brewing license. At international prere from the US and European countries, the building was reopened shortly after the start. The tarpaulin for the expansion of Ma’Aleh Adumim, which dated from 2005, have now been brought back from the drawer.

Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert and Netanyahu gave the US promise to expand the settlement Ma’Aleh Adumim. From the Buro of the current Minister President Netanyahu, it is called, you are planning more steps. With Padaogian intention, like against a naughty child:

The Palastians will soon be traces that make them a mistake when they take unilateral steps that violate themselves with Israel.

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