The gray eminence

Like the Erzkatholian media empire of the Polish redemptorist "Father Rydzyk" Politics

One can certainly not give the Kaczynski twins: that they did not love to go for criticism or doing insults simply. When the TAAK published her admittedly unappetitic Satire Uber Poland Premier and Prasident at the end of June 2006, solved serious diplomatic tensions between the two countries. The Warsaw Prosecutor’s Office determined against the Taz author because of the "insult of the head of state", Poland Aufenkriter Anna Fotyga compared the liberal daily newspaper with the NZ-Hetzeblatt "The Sturmer" (why Poland needs the taz).

The reactions of the Yahzorn twin brother, on the other hand, were very different, much more contrary and more carefully, as the secretly coated insults of the influential redemptorist "Father Rydzyk" were published by the weekly magazine Wprost in early July. Against the comments that Rydzyk made a schoolmen of his Catholic teacher, the "potato reading" of the TAZ is almost harmless. Thus, the Redemptorist called the PrasidentGattin as a "witch" that should feed the euthanasia. In addition, the Prasident is a cheating, who is choking in front of the "Judian lobby". For the Erzkatholian media zar, the liberal media of Poland, such as the "Gazeta Wyborcza", also under Judisch influence.

On the audio recordings, the WProst published, Rydzyk mixed his pathological anti-Semitism with insults of the Kaczynskis. In the omen-denoms-bordering world view of the "Father Rydzyk" the world is directed by an omemaky Judian conspiracy, which also had the Polish government undertak. This closed, anti-Semitic world view is one of the shocking aspects of this affare, so Stanislaw Janecki, the editor-in-chief of the "Thalmudisch" by Rydzyk "Gazeta Wyborcza".

The velvet gloves of the PIS

The Kaczynskis, on the other hand, wanted to spend this affare initially in the best carbon black. Initially, Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski explained to the press, he will wait for climb told what exactly Rydzyk said. After the authenticity of the recordings was fixed, followed careful reminders of the PIS towards the Redemptorist Order, please apologize. At 13th. July explained Jaroslaw Kaczynski that the whole matter "has been rushed out of the media".

The Polish prosecutor adopted only dragging investigations against Rydzyk, although he clearly insulted the Polish head of state and produced anti-Semitic statements on the current band, so to speak,. The investigations initiated by the Polish episcopat and the redemptorist against the official Rydzyk, which was officially, as a usual monk, were in the Sanden. The leadership of the Redemptorist Order claimed, which Bander had manipulated and a "provocation".

On the penetration of the Israeli ambassador and the "Simon Wiesenthal Center" named after the famous Nazijager, Poland’s Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro explained only that such statements "are very criticize", but there is a freedom of speech in Poland. On the 24th. July shared Michal Kaminski, the secretary of the prasident, the media with that the Prasident accept a lustless apology of the "Father Rydzyk" and you are glad that the "words of regret" be pleased.

The Catholic Berlusconi

What makes Rydzyk so unassailable, is his media empire, which was in the hundreds of thousands of blindly obedient treats, as well as the currently highly tense situation within the right-hand populist coalition of Poland, which could have the clerical media mogule to the Konigmacher. Became all the media, which the officially committed to the poverty gelbestion rydzyk controlled, as his possession declare, he would be the number 87 on the list of 100 richest Poland, which publishes the weekly newspaper WProst released in regularly.

The most important medium with which Rydzyk reaches its numerous, coarse part of ages from old people, is the Radio Maryja Radio Wrapped in 1991. The transmitter mixes religious shipments with nationalist propaganda and an architectural worldview. According to different surveys, according to Horens between one and two million Poles regularly this radio station, with only one percent of the horse can be classified as teen – more than 70 percent of the radio Maryja-Horer are over 60 years old.

Furthermore, Rydzyk controls the Catholic-nationalist newspaper Nasz Dziennik, which is based on its own a circulation of Uber 150.000 copies reached. In this daily newspaper, activists of different nationalist and conservative groups are also on the speaking of the favor of the Catholic Media Mogus. As a third, medial pillar of this Catholic media empire, the TV station TRWAM was built from 2003. Here, next to the program modules known from Radio Maryja, "Christian music videos" and morally developed feature films.

These media are embedded in a widespread environment of foundations and teaching institutions with which conservative Catholic offspring should be taught. In the high school of public and medial culture, young journalists can prepare for a career at Radio Maryja, Trwam or Nasz Dziennik. For lectures Rydzyks in this "university", his said scandalous exercises have fallen. The Radio Maryja Closing Foundation Our Future ies the monthly magazine "Family Radio Maryja", it also prescribes the spread of Catholic "literature", as well as other media such as CDs or videos.

Finally, Rydzyk the LUX Veritatis Foundation, which initially produced "developing" video material and which is now mainly commissioned with the operation of the TRWAM television program. All the media of this redemptorist company are repeatedly involved in anti-Semitic or nationalist Hatter’s speeches without the Polish church hierarchy ever seriously tested commodity.

PIS against LIS

These far-branched media power and a populist poor rate of the redemptorists led to an uninvitable fidelity of the mainly resistant to poor pensioners, walking in the hundreds of thousands of pitch of the "Father Rydzyk". No matter what escapades are the power-conscious monk, his as a Mocherowe Berety (AngoraAwoll beretts) designated, except religious perspective stopping iron to him. The decision Rydzyks, an aged "Army of the AngoraWolle Beretts" during the last election campaign in the fall of 2005 to call the Kaczynski party PIS, is considered a crucial contribution to the election victory of the conservative twins. Therefore, it does not surprise that the PIs touches the moody rydzyk with velvet gloves, the redemptorist shepherd is disposed of over an obedient herd of approx. a million sheeps he liked as a vote in the next elections against possible rough, political influence.

The quarrels in the Polish government coalition make the prere covering Rydzyk even more valuable. At 16. July concluded the two smaller coalition partners of the Legal Conservative PIS into a covenant, which should break the ability of the conservatives in the right parties spectrum. The new political force from populist "self-defense" (SO) and right-radical "League of Polish Families" (LPR) is aimed at "League and self-defense" (LIS). The leaders of the LIS, the chairman of the LPR and "Minister of Education" Roman Giertych, as well as the youngest as a vice-promenade SO boss Andrzej Lepper, lost no time: on the 17. July became known, the Lepper met with "Father Rydzyk" to ask for the "blessing for the new movement". So it does not surprise if at least in the case of the "Father Rydzyk" authorite politician of the PIS – as Judicial Minister Ziobro – suddenly discover the freedom of expression.

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