“The germans? Organize well, that can? That was once!”

"Old strong – this is just about a much better crisis management": Wolfgang Bosbach. Image: Superbass, CC BY-SA 3.0

CDU record crash in surveys: Wolfgang Bosbach in the interview on the policy chaos, gender star and social consequences of Lockdown

The convinced Rheinlander and opinion-strong lawyer Wolfgang Bosbach was a vice chairman of the CDU parliamentary group and chairman of the interior committee for almost ten years. He is considered to be a value and social-oriented course of the CDU.

The retail merchant and diploma business economist gained the high school on the second educational path and then studied Jura. Politically he will be the value conservative "Berliner Kreis" Assigned, but he supported the same today’s CDU chairman Armin Lashet in his NRW electoral championship.

Bosbach, who is difficult to chronically ill, support Hospice organizations, is a member of the ZDF-Television and columnist of IMAGE-newspaper. He also belongs to the board of the association "Against forgotten – for democracy" at.

Mr. Bosbach, they always stood for integrity and believeness. You can also see these virtues in the current coating of the Corona crisis by the rough coalition?

Wolfgang Bosbach: Although I have no doubt that the decision-makers in the federal government and in the countries are striking the right, target-carrying measures for the candy of the Pandemic, but unfortunately only partially succeeded. Much came to Spat, a lot is opposed, otherwise not very practicable and always need to intervene dishes corrective.

Your verdict sounds desappt. But do you understand everything that happens there? The mails look like a glow.

Wolfgang Bosbach: Some I immediately understand, a lot, even after intensive thinking and again and again I ask myself: how long will that exist now?

And how long people still hold this through? Now even a new extreme-lockdown is discussed, harder than 2020.

Wolfgang Bosbach: Since the concern in the population is very different – some benefit even economically from the crisis, many are suffering at least financially no disadvantages, others are simply bankrupt – will also be very different in the audience in the audience. That’s enough "We have to have some patience" until "Sorry, I’m ready and done, I can not anymore".

"Politicians are rather a politician distributor!"

Blamps Germany?

Wolfgang Bosbach: So far, the world always thought: "The Germans? Not particularly humorous, but well organized, crises more than all other than any other, that can be the!" That was once. In a worldwide ranking we were temporarily in 34th. For a financially strong, successful industrialization, this is not a glory.

Political distributor has been discussed since about twenty years. This is not dangerous for the democratic cohesion of a society?

Wolfgang Bosbach: I believe that is more like a kind of politician distributor. Depending on the viewing angle, the audience now dares everything to us – or nothing. The behavior of some, unfortunately from his own party, makes me a craving and brainless. Although this is just a small minority, but it harms massive.

Even life was always a reproach against politics. Especially after the Easter rest chaos: he meets the reproach?

Wolfgang Bosbach: If a bookstore at the TUR a sign with the following text "Because of our opening hours, please call the Federal Government, we no longer look through!", Then that alone already says a lot about the topic of rules and reality.

They are chronically ill themselves. How do you work with the Lockdown and Covid-19 danger?

Wolfgang Bosbach: I give care, avoid unnecessary risks, but let me do not make you mint.

But is not a part of the population with guilt? In the last spatsummer was, for example, Saturday night the Hamburg party subway line U 3 again almost completely full, nobody wore more mask.

Wolfgang Bosbach: Naturally. We can still adopt as many regulations as we want and Karl Lauderbach can warn for 24 hours on all channels for 24 hours – it is crucial to the behavior of us all!

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