The future from the point of view of the 1970s

The future from the point of view of the 1970s

Hi-gathering in "Do not turn around, the Golem walks around or the age of Mube"

In the 23. Century reigns the Cybernetic World Government – the work is done by criminallets and highly fed monkeys and traveled by rocket

The two-piece "Do not turn around, the Golem walks around or the age of Mube" was filmed in 1971 under the direction of Peter Beauvais. The script comes from the end of 1971 Dieter Waldmann. He was the first TV game of the then sudwestfunk and plays in Koln in 23. century.

Of Koln, however, you can only see a picture of the cathedral, because people live in a largely closed hall system. The Burgers work partially one hour per week, but usually no longer because the work was superseded by the technique or is done by convicted lawbridges, which were exercised by a facial distortion and a cruel corridor as a criminal slave. The so-called "World free time" says with her computer voice, as the day has lost.

Leisure time instead of work

A new leisure time has come to the place of the early work of work. The only change from the usual leisure stitch offers participation in a lottery, where you can bet on the next death. Suicide is recognized only after two unsuccessful attempts as death in the sense of lottery. And some players tries to realize his lottery log with murder.

Worldburger Number Dark 7035 7201 bears the burger name Sigi Prun. He is one of the main characters of the film and had been asked to put an end to his life. With this mapping, the prevailing overbalance should be reduced. Sigi Prun, however, did not comply with his obligation because he is looking for his son. And there are the problems. Because with the procreation of Botho, Prun had placed against the laws of the Cybernetic World Government.

No reproductive permit

After a test in Rome, to which he had traveled by a rocket with his shared apartment in the short term, had a computer had agreed to him the right to paternity because his intelligence quotient was too low. Unlike the situation in the three female residential farms, he does not reach the intelligence norm necessary to procure a child. It therefore contains no reproductive approval. Since Sigi Prun is necessarily a child, he gets away from the masking ban and testifies a son with his wife Ehmi, which they call Botho.

Since this is not properly registered as a blackbirth, he must be hidden from his father. Because Sigi Prun has too many other leisure commitments, Botho is raised by Willi, a half-intelligent, short hi,. The HIS is raised monkeys, which one has fed an intelligence brake. The HIS all carry the same yellow uniforms work jumps. They do the work that is not done by the machines and not by the crimslings.

Zen planing

At the beginning it goes quite well, but Botho can not eat with knives and fork with 21 years, elsewhere developed very well and will surprise Willi soon. Yes he is even smarter, as an extra for him learning computer developed by a scientist, which should give him the access to the higher mub. Sigi Prun, who had still experienced the times of the six-hour week, wants to teach his son something reasonable, which is considered rather than overflow in society.

One day, the curious sprout rubs out, along with Willi the city and stobsts on a hidden access to the cathedral, whose meaning is no longer known and that should be demolished at that time. There he discovers Carlo while planing, which is an illegal support under the Cybernetic world government. Botho is impressed with this time digestion and asks the Lohler, where he works. He wants to know what to represent when it’s done. In response, he gets the simple statement that the activity is to make wooden pane from the wooden. So he gave a meaning of his life again, but must always dispose of the spare in the protection of the night.


The Hi Willi has also acted unauthorized with the learning computer and obviously overwound the intelligence brake. Among the Burgern of Koln comes the wish "To make things" and leads to the demand for the opening of the archives because they want to know how it was?. The world government allows the kolners a short-term insight into the archives.

The His then also samples the uprising and and ground the Interessengemeinschaft Hi to organize the fight against spatkybernalism. Botho helps the HIS. Sigi Prun is subjected to the end of the film of a brain operation and then released as a switched and facial set slave to society. He meets a gathering of the HIS, which are chaired by Willi and the support of Both, to conquer world domination.

The movie has been available since the recording service of today’s Sudwestdeutscher Rundfunk in the form of two DVDs for the stucco of 99 euros. Amazon.DE offers the movie in a 1-disc version currently for 14.95.

The author was a comprehent in the role of a HI in one of the shooting scenes in the filming in the Freiburg "Castle bunker". Which developed in the 1960s "Civil protection system Schlossbergstollen", The then large atomic bunker in Baden-Wurttemberg, is now no longer in operation and can only be entered with respiratory protective devices due to the massive mold.

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