The funeral of the “giant” terrate times

Helmut Schmidt was borne under strict and costly security precautions

The Social Democrat was a social-liberal coalition as Federal Chancellor from 1974 to 1982. He did not want to make his terror in 1977 in 1977, but had two years later, early December 1979, no scruples of putting the delegates of the SPD federal party tag massively under prere to enforce the NATO double decision. Either a religious voting result – or its jerking as chancellor, so the threat.

Since he on 10. November 2015 died, but there is no speech. Also not from social cutting, which has originated in the Agide Schmidt. But that that "gross statesman" so much.

The funeral of the'giganten' in terrorzeiten

Helmut Schmidt December 2013 during his visit of Vladimir Putin. Image:

He was fortunated the farewell in the Michel Hamburg, various media reported, and Federal President Joachim Gauck had arranged the state act. Loaded to this were more than 1.800 guests from domestic and foreign countries, including the former US-Foreign Minister Henry Kissinger, the former French State President Valery Giscard Destination, EU Prasident Martin Schulz (SPD), Angela Merkel (CDU) and next to Gauck still the former Federal President Roman Duke ( CDU), Horst Kohler (CDU) and Christian Wulff (CDU).

The funeral ceremony took place a few days after the cancellation of the Fubball Game in Hanover because of a high security risk and at a time, in which both in France and in parts of Belgium the emergency state was directed. Accordingly, the safety precautions made for this occasion were extremely and costly without the threat to the threat as threats since joining Paris:

The Ludwig-Erhard-Str., a z.T. 6-lane main traffic in the downtown Hamburg, was completely blocked, subway stations along the strain were over operation, buses have been redirected for a period of time, helicopter circled on the Michel, sharpening were brought to surrounding buildings in position. The guests had to undergo in a hotel several kilometers away from a security screen and were beaten by bus shuttle to Michel.

After the commemoration of the Michel Schmidt got the honorary pass by the Wachbattaillon of the Bundeswehr. The corpse was brought to the Ohldorfer Cemetery, where the Ehrenburger of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg will be buried in the closest family circuits to a not yet publicly known. D. H., Until the fundraiser, even survivored safety precautions are made.

About 1.000 The loaded guests expected a reception in the Hamburg Town Hall after the ceremony. Merkel derived Schmidt as "gross statesman" and "outstanding personality". Hamburg first burgermeister Olaf Scholz talked about one "Giant", the "weather" lost.

Anyway, the effort that was operated was gigantic was to enable this show of superlatives. That raises questions – after the reliability: tens of thousands of people were affected by the arrangements, whether they wanted to move in the private car or in public transport (OPNV) in the area of Neustadt / Downtown / Harbor or had to. Tens of thousands who had to accept disadvantages so that the last wish of the "Giant", The portioned celebration in Michel, made possible.

And after the cost. In the Hanseatic city, hundreds of escape are housed in tents, the winter emergency program for homelessness covers the need far from. To waive the Pomp and to invest the taxpayers instead of investing publicity and military exercises in urgent needed living space, had begotten by the coarse that Scholz had loud Scholz and from which he has his own words "learned (has) what it means to take a political responsibility in a democratic and open society".

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