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The conflicts for the asylum policy impaired the EU in an existential way. The acute brutalization of European asylum policy was able to permanently disfigure the project of European agreement

What effect does the previous legal prere in the Member States of the EU? The German government crisis shows this in a frightening way. Although it was quickly seen that behind the "Asylum" the Union Parties is an inner German struggle for Europe, so meanwhile has to be from a landfill "European" to be spoken, whose possible consequences have not yet become clear enough.

The Europapolitan turnaries of the CSU

One must first recapitulating the Embodiment of the Federal and European Corolitical Intervention of the CSU significantly in mind: Just seemed – after an eternity seemed – the German-French reform initiative for the eurozone carefully pick up. Chancellor Merkel has now almost forgotten Fas interview and Aufemister Maas held a barely respected principle talk to the future of the EU.

Hardly considered, because already a day later, the CSU put the topic asylum with a highly dramatically staged interruption of a Bundestag session on the top of the European agenda. In the form of putting an ultimatum with a view to reorientation of the European asylum policy, which in the case of (from CSU view) showless European negotiations in passing with one "national single-hand" be acknowledged. Here strictly speaking a regional single-way, namely, the composition of boundary controls on the Bavarian east-rich border with the aim of making a dubious refusal refunds of escape and marketing. And that all under the readiness, the 70-year-old faction community with the CDU permanently harmful – which is already the finding, even if you stay together.

Imagine the EU reporting today in a parallel world in which the CSU did not behave as she did it. The contrast is breathtaking. It is the attempt of a paradigm shift in German European policy that is not to explain with campaign tactics in Bavaria alone. Seehofer, Soder Co have never unleashed such a furor if they could not be sure of a growing support from right governments and did not suffer enough ideological cuts with these governments.

It shows this day, even on the statements of the FDP, that a deciding proeuropaic policy – ie one who sees the competence for the development of transnational problems, from migration to the finances, at EU level – in Germany also beyond the AFD no majority-proof position is more. Even if you have had to set a question mark at left and FDP for quite some time – these two parties currently have no government responsibility.

In addition, it should be visualize which aspects of this government crisis in most public debate provide the status of a Fubnote: that the predetermined factual reason of the dispute in a single asylum policy maaking of the 63 points-"Masterplans" Located by Interior Minister Seehofer? That this becomes a maaking to the occasion of a political manovers, which is completely declared the only signed and by the same minister in the highest-toned coalition agreement completely? That this "Master plan" a government crisis excludes, but the openness and even the disposable fractions is long completely unknown? That the escape of escape numbers last year and expected this year below the flexible upper limit of 180 closed by the CSU so stuffy.000-220.000 people are? Everything sidelike.

In addition to the German government crisis forced without distress, it is disturbing that both the timing and the deeper reason will only be lacking from a new European Pilot. Because behind the existential attacks on Merkel’s mantra that there is a European solution in the asylum ie, stuck basic questions about the political form of the European continent: the question of open limits within the EU is just as sensitive as the question of whether national solitary goals or bilateral Enter the new standard of political decision-making within the EU.

An extensive abolition of the Schengenraum was the above-decades Europe of open borders as well as an increasing relocation of political decisions in intergovernmental sphren beyond the European institutions.

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