The end of “divide and conquer”-politics opposite the palatinians?

Union agreement between Fatah and Hamas is reluctant to Israel and the USA

The USA and Israel were caught cold, reported Ha’aretz today, US-Augemister Kerry was last night "furious". The reason: On Wednesday, it became known that the Fatah and Hamas have signed a unitary agreement. Neither Israel nor the US seemed to have previously got by the. Like the legendary Israeli secret service, nothing knew about it? And the rough final disgust in the region, the USA, have no idea what is doing there?

Saudi Arabia and Egypt had supported the agreement, is otherwise to read. Maybe it will give more detailed information in the next few days. First of all, it is another indication that the US in the Middle East for some time are no more actor located on the high of events.

Israel’s government responded to the agreement between the two rival Palastic factions with a special session of the Cabinet. This decided little surprising to suspend the peace. "With terrorists on board is not negotiated."

But not all have to be located on a completely dedicated rejection course, such as the Minister Naftali Benett from the Settler Party "Judian house" reproduction. Signals that it does not have to end up end-to-finished, just from the Avigdor Lieberman AviGdor, who is a reputation as "Hardliner" Has. He had called at the meeting according to Ha’Aretz information for dedicated. Members of the Ministry of Aufs are cited that Israel have more damage than profit if it entails peaceful.

This is intended in our own interest, Israel’s position in the world substitute is not particularly good – and whether from the introductory agreement of the two palastic fractions is actually politically hand-strengthened, is not verbotgt. Rather the opposite.

The step is definitely important for the palatinians. Israel had advantages from the cleavage, the position of the Palastians was a peak. That from the point of view of the Palastinians, no fair negotiation result is overlooked and none of the competitors of Fatah or Hamas could be brought politically to disappear, as the recent years had shown, strong motives provide for the agreement. In addition, there has been no real legitimacy for the representatives of the Palastinians since the elections in 2006, which led to the shot of Hamas, which has led to the throw of Hamas, because since it has not given no elections.

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