The anger of the incredible hulk

Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood are accused of brutal tactics

The Republican Guard Sommaret will also be the soldiers as "Prasidential Guard" designated – has compensated for Mursi’s residence to move demonstrators to deduct. The Supreme Militar Council, the leadership of the armed dispute, but so far so far back in an explanation that the French foreign radio RFI with the picture "Supermann against the incredible Hulk" aptly illustrated.

Mursi has succeeded the reactions. When he returned with extra-habitable power powers, this happened in the amption that Egypt’s like is used to power concentration of his earlier prasides and the population will accept this because many want to have peace and stability (the calculus of the muslim bridge). Mursi had not in view that millions in Erypt 2011 revolted against the authoritat of a superpict prassident. Mursis explains to his manovals neglected the arguments of the other side, who did not want to see such a power in the new Egypt united on a person united.

He also made political mistakes. He wanted more time for the segregation of the assembly and immediately came to anxiously hurry, so that the assembly has made an extent draft point for the point of fastest, which is in the sign of religious interests and neglected democratic fundamental values that were demanded by the sacular power this that Egypt does not want to be determined by the interests of the Muslim Brother and Salafists alone.

Also on the criticism of the fact that the majority of the sanctioning gathering authoritar presented, their interests were conformed to that of the whole population, and for defiance of the start-up, Mursi did not take a substantive confrontation, but with bearing-political arguments, polemic, normally. He shared Egypt in the camp of those who are the revolution, and in counter revolutionars. He threw a flat rate, they became the way to democratic reforms in the spirit of the revolution "sabotage". With this enchanted view, he made a wide variety of factions to the opponent.

Brutal clashes

The Muslim Brotherhood then did that to bother the anger of the opponents. They love their organizational muscles and more than that. Reports from the conflicts of the last two last days, as they are available in the newspaper Egypt Independent, tell telling of a cause of the Muslim Brother, who vained against demonstrators and ultras. Steamed in the strain battles in front of the prasident palace with Molotovcocktails, shot and stitch weapons, with stones and bubble. It came to 6 dead and 450 injured.

The conflict was carried hard by both sides. But in the news of pages of those who sympathize with demonstrators, the accusation of the trail from the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood (here, there and there), that they were first with personal and brutal agents against a sit-in of demonstrators and Then against people who came to the help, took place. Newspaper reports in Ahram-Online or Egypt Independent Befully replace this point of view, even if there is certainly caution in case of partial payments.

Rucktritte in the camp Mursis and the claims of the opposition

But yesterday there was also a number of jersehoods, of advisers of the prasident as well as the management of the authorities, which is state-of-the prancelling person, which also referred to the brutality of the events and the Muslim redders, if they also accused them directly, also attributed no de-leveling role. More than 200 diplomats abroad refuse the support at the referendum.

On the side of the Muslim Brother, however, was played with the given motif, it deals with a fight against counterrevolutionaries and saboteurs of democracy. The Vizechef of the party for Freedom and Justice, Essam Al-Erian, is quoted with clear words that it is not dealing between supports and opponents, "But fighting between the legitimity and the revolution and counterrevolutionaries attempts to stimulate the legitimate." Al-Erian speaks of ubellan and villains who want to settle the chosen prasident.

The demand of the large part of the opponents, which are composed of all possible fractions – from groups, which play an exposed role in the anti-Mubarak demonstrations 2011, of parties from the left spectrum as out of the liberal, a merger, the Elbaradei , from laws and judges, civilian organizations, etc – but speak a different language: one wants Mursi to return his power powers again that the referendum is moved to later and is convened for a new sanctuary.

Mursi wants to give a speech today whether he can calm down the situation? Meanwhile, more than the Muslim Brother is demonstrated – even for the Muslim Brother and a significant stronger religious orientation of the country. If Mursi attaches to the date of the referendum, set for mid-December, a de-escalation of the situation becomes difficult.

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