Tens of thousands of complaints expected for exhaust gas fraud

At Germany’s first sample approval action for Volkswagen, after the deployment of the lawsur, several tens of thousands of dieselers could participate. He gave up 4,000 concrete inquiries within a month, said lawyer Ralf Stoll, who cares for the lawsuit for the Federal Association of Consumer Centers.

The association itself reported around 26.000 interested parties. However, this does not mean that everyone also adhere to the lawsuit. November is submitted. Diesel driver must register in an official register, which is set up at the Federal Office for Justice.

The instrument of the pattern determination action is new, it enters 1. November in force. The lawsuit should help consumers easier for processes against companies to their right. Thousands of VW owners affected by diesel scandal have hope for damages. All involve all those who bought a diesel of the vehicles VW, Audi, Skoda or Seat with Motors of type EA 189 from November 2008, can be participated for free.

In September 2015, Volkswagen had mansion of diesel engines. US environmental maculizers had found that only at tests the exhaust gas purification was fully activated, while the outset on the strain was much high. 2.5 million cars are affected by the computational truck at Volkswagen.

Thousands of VW riders have laughed at their own. According to Volkswagen were around 23 in September.800 methods in diesel scandal attached. There have been more than 6000 judgments. For the Sample Determination Action, the Group sees little prospects, as it explained: "The instrument of the model detection action did not ask our position: There is no legal basis for customer complaints in connection with the diesel topics in Germany."

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