Telekom: for now, no t-netcall in germany

Focus and Reuters spread internet telephony duck

Internet-Telephony is a topic for DTAG, forced at international level, but in Germany T-NetCall is not offered for the time being. Telekom wants to focus on Lander’s offer, in which "No good businesses are made", such a spokesman for the company.

After a first technical attempt of T-NetCall in the US, Japan, Canada and Germany was successful, the first commercial pilot trials start in the UK and the USA. At the British T-NetCall project are the tariffs between 15 and 59 Pence / Minute. The gateways, which have been established for the first, officially ended in December, will continue to use for commercial projects. The quality of packet-mediated telephone language lies on mobile phone level and varies considerably. So some conversation can be conveyed almost insignificant, while others have the level of a noise intercom.

A message from the weekly magazine Focus, which had been taken from the news agency Reuters, said the Telekom targets investments of more than 10 billion marks in technologies for Internet telephony. A speaker of Telekom described this information as "Complete abscuss".

Also, it is not correct that the DDTAG will buy internet telephony developer companies in the USA, Japan and Hong Kong this year.

The Telekom had at 21.1 percent of the Israeli Vocaltec Communications Ltd., the world market fufer for internet telephony, involved. Participation was realized as part of a capital leak by the purchase of 2.3 million Vocaltec tribe shares. In the next two and a half years, Telekom will refer products, services and consulting services in the equivalent of more than $ 30 million of Vocaltec dollars. ()

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