Tanks and prohibitions against kurds

Tanks and prohibitions against Kurds

Twitter’s communication of the police for the resolution of the demonstration on 27.January 2018. Screenshot, Twitter Police NRW Koln

Especially because of the high loss of confidence in producing policies, left alternatives should not even prove their real estate benefit

On Saturday, the police-called police in Koln has defined a demonstration of Kurds and left groups after a short time. However, there was neither violent demonstrators nor liked the black block. Stone of the online of the police were rather flags with the counterfei of the PKK Mitbunders Abdullah Ocalan.

At 4 pm it bothered yesterday in the police sticker (no longer accessible,. D. Red.):

The police Koln has around 14.40 clock The decision made to dissipate the assembly for continued blatant clarification against assembly pads. A large group of persons with forbidden symbols (especially Ocalan flags) is steady through the police to determine the personal details. Against other carrier forbidden symbols in the elevator is determined equally.

Police Koln

Now you can certainly ask yourself if it is not a matter of people as emancipatory policy when a man is put into the center of a left demonstration. Especially since Ocalan many other manners and women of the Kurdish movement have been in the custody or murdered. Such a debate is important and is guided in the left movement.

Due to the show of incriminated photos the fundamental rights?

But to Koln other questions arise to the police and the responsible persons. Why is the show of incriminated photos that nobody can be beaten and hurt to the fundamental rights of more than 20.000 people massively surprise? So many people had gathered in Koln to demonstration against the invasion of Turkey in Kurdish areas.

When the demonstration was dissolved, thousands of demonstrators were still on the way to Koln. The committee for fundamental rights has already repeatedly emphasized in the past that the right of demonstration is such a central fundamental right that it can not be easily enrolled or denied by demonstration resolutions, only because in the demonstration in the opinion of the police were anticipated.

So it had been dressed in the case of Koln if the police have the "banned flags" and her carrier photographed and then showed. Then courts had to make clear up to the EU instances, whether the prohibition has existed at all. Such a procedure was already possible because the police writes in their message yes himself that they had to go repeatedly in the demonstration to remove flags and identify banner carrier.

That seems possible to have been possible without causing serious conflicts with the police. So the demonstration was not a violence. Why then show the flags a demonstration resolution and thus justified a refusal of fundamental rights to demonstration freedom, the dishes will probably have to be clear.

Why the ban on an Ocalan flag?

Beyond the fundamental criticism of the personal culture, the question arises why a counterfei of Ocalan should be punishable at all. Finally, there is no organizational symbol. Also the fact that Ocalan has founded a organization forbidden in Germany and Turkey, PKK, can not justify a ban. It is not known that in Germany photos of Ulrike Meinhof or Gudrun Ensslin, the co-agents of the RAF are prohibited,.

It should not be reduced here, which meaning is actually the PKK ban. The arguments of those who demand a repeal of the prohibition are important, especially since the organization has changed politically in the last two decades of politically from an authoritar structured mail-alignment organization to a grouping, the strategy, feminism and even libertal elements opposite.

That’s why people who are interested in a left at the high time to deal with the fonts of Ocalan. There have been numerous congresses in Hamburg in recent years, on which feminists, socialists and libertare dealt with the writings of Ocalan.

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