Survive the execution to get back to the gallows

Survive the execution to get back to the gallows

Crystal Methamphetamine, Image: US Department of Justice

A case in Iran draws attention to a merciless justice, on the horror of the death penalty and the war against the drug crime in neighboring Afghanistan

The story is incredible; The doubts about their truth are not so easy to keep away as water from a duck spring dress: In Iran, a man has been sentenced to death for possession of a kilogram of Crystal Meth. The verdict was enforced, the man approaches; The doctors arrest his death 12 minutes after the execution. Father in the corpse house notes an employee that the plastic tarpaulin in which the supposed body is wrapped in, condensed tracks ("Steam") In front of the mouth of the body. The man breathes.

He is brought to the hospital, thanks to the art of the doctors, he should now be back to the best of recovery. His daughter are happy. The gluck is only short duration. Because the Iranian judiciary follows a merciless course according to the regulations. The saying that the man is supposed to be healthy to be deserted again.

The story has been spreading for two days. CNN tells you, the Guardian, the BBC, in Germany, for example the Rheinische Post.

The original source is an Iranian newspaper, from the Guardian as "state" designated, named Jam-E-Jam. There is also a link to the corresponding article, in Farsi. On the gross Iranian news pages, Irna, Fars or Press-TV, the message so far does not appear or she is hidden very well.

Merciless justice and ammunition for critics

The merciless core of history represents Iran and the judiciary system in no good light and at a moment where many voices in the openity buried an acceptance between Iran and the West and hope that distorted enemies finally be retracted (the slow end of the enemy picture Iran?To).

The statement of a non-named Iranian official – whose position in the Iranian judiciary is also unknown – after which the death sentence was enforced as soon as the man according to the execution regulations, which are cited in many reports in many reports, takes place in the rhetoric. Good place that the "Iran" a "hypocritical facade" mutilize. Prominental protagonist for this line is the Israeli Minister Prosident Netanyahu (Emperor’s New Dresses).

The procedure also confirms critics to accuse an inherent orientation against human rights to the political system Iran and the judicial system, which is why "Rough expectations of the Prasidschaft Rohanis in Iran Illusionar" be (scribes and subjects). The contradiction between the expectations of Rohani and the realitat is also recorded as a motive in the reporting about the Guardian. There, Hadi Ghaemi, chairman of the New York-based Human Rights Association International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran is reproduced:

During Rohani, due to promise to a change and a reform of the human rights situation, has been championed, have been on the 4th. August at least 125 death sentences executed, dozens of such judgments and dozens of adversary lives threatens the death penalty.

In the past few years, the Guardian denounces, Iran had been among the first funf countries worldwide each time, which extend the most death penalty, at the top China. According to Amnesty, in Iran last year 314 due to death judgments.

Of the "True to bonded by the West in the fight against drugs"

Noteworthy is the addition that most executions are related to Iran with drug-criminality. According to the organization International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran In the two weeks between the 11th and 25tem of September this year, 50 years of passing against anti-drug laws have been reached, "a record", so the human rights activists, whose report at the same time draws attention to the fact that most well-known political prisoners were released in Iran, which was allowed to stand politically in connection with the opening against the west.

Survive the execution to get back to the gallows

Crystal Methamphetamine, Image: US Department of Justice

As well as the hard action against drug criminalitat is in principle in the implication with the guidelines of the West, in this area there is a cooperation between Iran and the West. The New York Times is said to be Iran once "True composites of the West in the fight against drugs" have called. Iran has gross problems with drug enforces in the country; You are not to look in the capital, and it borders Afghanistan, the largest opium producer in the world, many smuggles drove through Iran.

Monstroses injustice death penalty

Given that in many countries the knowledge passes through that the long time as "without alternative" Appropriate war against drug trafficking together with its hard penalties – death penalty are not only pronounced in Iran -, the political challenge, which poses the case of the Conditioned to death, also here to bring cooperation with Iran to new tracks. As a feeling argument against too rough concession readiness for negotiations with Iran, he is out of place.

As far as the death penalty is concerned, the case is a monstrose example of a monstrose injustice. In this case, one can only hope that the Iranian resistances in the face of the public, which will be given to him not least through internationally known human rights organizations like Amnesty – "The Iranian Authorities Must Immediately Stop Alireza M’s Execution and IE a Moratorium on All Others" – In the search for a legislative swallow. In the case of stoning, it is called, the surviving person is pardoned.

Complement: The US also know similar trap; The most famous of recent years was allowed the failed execution of Romell Broom on 15. Be September 2009. Amnesty describes the advances like this:

"8 times the staff of the execution team tried to put an intravenosis access for the gift injection, 18 times in vain. The death candidate tried for desperation on the pain even himself to help with his execution, also in vain."

The verdict of whether Romell Broom is to be executed a second time is still open. The status of the legal confrontation of January of this year is to be read in the human rights group of BPP Law School, Manchester (GB),.

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