Surity surgery instead of veil

One of the main components of antimusimic atmospherics in Europe is the topic "Woman inhibiting in Islam"

The Swiss initiators of the referendum against the construction of minarettes was shown with a poster on the one threatening appearing, black-foggy-veiled woman. The Bundesbank Executor Thilo Sarrazin spoke for a ban on headscarf in schools, as this is the male claim of the man on the wife Verkorpere and no religious, but a political symbol. The anti-insignia mobilization since the Swiss referendum (UK), which has been directed against the Mosque construction as a sign of the alleged "Islamization of Europe", serves as the Swiss anti-minaret initiative for the stigmatization of Muslims also the picture of a bis to the nose black veiled woman surrounding as on a holding banch, with a red circle and crossed out with a shock bar.

The Swiss feminist Julia Onken made her call to vote in the referendum against the construction of minarets, among other things, that the Koran "women’s tiny and women" presents "prescription," Z.B. The severing of the whole body, except for her face and face. Forced marriage. honour killing. Breeding by the husband with disobedience."

The Koran

The Koran is just as little as the Bible a law book or rules, but above all a source of spiritual inspiration and ethical direction for believers. Like all as sacred books he contains opposed and sophisticated verses. There are both women’s timely and women-friendly jobs. The interpretation is important.

Since in Islam does not give the Vatican comparable to the Vatican, which bindingly determines what is understood under Islam, the entire history of Islam is accompanied by the directional dispute of the scholars on the right interpretation of the Koran and its verses. Also a growing number of Islamic feminists refers to the Koran in their struggle against patriarchal structures in their respective societies, by working out the eggs and emancipatory in it.

In the Koran, the topic of body covering are only two short elaborate verses that are designed differently from Muslims high. From forced marriage and honorary mandrels is not talking about. These have nothing to do with Islam, but ground in local patriarchal traditions. The verse, which is indeed allowing the breeding of women by the husband, is considered only from a negligently low minority of the credans as a sparkling instructions for action. The refuse of violence against women, on the other hand, is the rule.

There is a number of Islamic lawsults and theorists who are committed to the rights of women. For example, the influential Shiite Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah in Lebanon prohibits that husband beat her women and approves the latter’s right to reduce the right if they should do it. In addition, it is a troubleshooting to equate Islam tangled with the Koran. The understanding of the Koran and the interpretation of its verses is such a complicated matter that a whole science has developed. The interpretations have changed in the course of history and today under Muslims a lively debate takes place about what Islam is. In order to inform yourself about what Muslims think and how they are to the "women’s question", it would be much more meaningful to deal with the works of contemporary authors such as those of the Swiss Muslim Tariq Ramadan, as a selectively pitching to Koranversse.

Cliches in place of knowledge

Not on the basis of knowledge is usually assessed on Islam, but on the basis of cliches. The image set up by Islam has little to do with the reality of about 1.3 billion Muslim and Muslims worldwide worldwide. Islam is not a monolithic block, but on the contrary a varied and dynamic religion, which covers so opposite phenomena such as the Wahabitish Konigreich Saudi Arabia with its indispensable Islam interpretation and the matriacoal Minangkaubau on West Sumatra. The Minangkaub women also carry a headscarf, without this being influenced by their central social position.1

The ever-like cliches, which are guided against Islam and the Muslims in the field, are composed of prejudice, semi- and untruths as well as the impulse and generalize marginal phenomena. Those who spread these cliches know either no better or purposes targeted disinformation; Those who eager to pick up are guided by prejudice and too often also by a deferred or open racism. It also love to say: the fight of "Islamcriter", as you like to call herself, is an Islam who invented themselves or different: they have prepared Islam as they need him to take him up to him can.

The double morale of antimusimic propaganda

The topic complex women and sexuality is the central topic of antimusimic propaganda in addition to the violence since the crossgade. At that time, however, the Muslims were accused of too rough sensuality and Libertino.2 The fact that the Muslims today is accused of the exact opposite, less in the behavior of Muslims themselves than in the change in the self-image of Western societies who like to be "clarified", "civilized" and "emancipated".

How little to do with the reality, how few patriarchal power differences are also overwhelmed in Europe and the US, the continued discrimination in the workplace and the exhibition of violence against women and girls. 40% of all women in Germany have since their 16. Life of life experienced body and / or sexual violence.3 Unifem According to 40-50% of all women in the EU countries experience sexual surprise in the workplace. In the US, 83% of all schools between 12 and 16 years of public schools will be victims of sexual skills. In the US, 25 women are murdered every week of their (former) partners, which are more women than for example within a year in Jordan because of the "honor" be murdered.4

The vacuum of women in Muslim societies to Islam to influence is an invention of the European colonialism of the 19.Century, which was ideologically known as "Mission Civilisatrice" or "The White Man’s Burden". As evidence of the "inferiority" and "uncivility" of Muslims, among other things, the women’s inhibiting had to serve.5 Not only from the Victorian England, women moved to rescue Muslim women, even the war against Afghanistan was founded with the need for "liberation" of women. It was meant and is thus never more than the replacement of the indigenous patriarchy through a patriarchy compatible with Western Structures: Property Operations instead of Veil. In both cases, "the tyranny of the man’s gaze" determines how women look like.

But racist stereotypes can not be accompanied by facts. The fact that these stereotypes are less about the women themselves than to the primers to the demonization of Islam, also shows the pronounced double morale, which goes hand in hand. Patriarchal social structures exist worldwide and show themselves in highest different forms. The Christian and Judian religion have no less women’s tiny than Islam, without these religions were therefore stored flat rate. The left agypal feminist Nawal Al-Saadawi refers to Islam even as the most women-friendly among the three coarse montheistic religions. In Jerusalem, Judian fundamentalists regularly grab those women mostly, which are dressed in their eyes "inappropriate". If this relatively marginal appearance has explained to the nature of Judaism and this by SE for women’s fainting religion, the allegation of anti-Semitism was rightly charged.

It is different with Islam. No prejudice, no untruth, no excess is left out. Everything may be said about Islam and Muslims without protesting. Muslims are released from the top "for launch" – within Europe mainly in the transfer of meaning, outside Europe.

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