Successful test for us missile defense system

After the 600 million contract has already been awarded for the rapid construction of the first application-proof Thaad systems for defense of short and long-range missiles, the second successful test was now very situated

The US missile defense system consists of different systems for protection against short, medium and long-range missiles. Probably because of the fueling conflict with Iran was tested on Saturday the Thaad System (Terminal High Altidde Area Defense), which with 200 km reach and a flight height up to 150 km a rough protection than the Patriot system (20 km range) or The Israeli Arrow system (90 km range) has and serves to defend short and long-distance rockets from a mobile launch ramp. At the end of December, the Pentagon granted the rusting company to the order doped with $ 619 million, the first to produce the first to produce thAAD systems (two control and communication units and 6 drivers with 48 missiles) by 2009.

Successful thaad test on 12. July 2006. Image: mda

According to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), the test was successful on Saturday. About the Pacific, a target object that should write a Scud rocket, from which shortly after fired Thaad intercepting rackets identified with the search system, made and destroyed. Details of the test are unknown, apart from the fact that it was a simple shooting of a rocket husband. Rockets with several explosive cops and exchanging dummies, however, have been challenging other challenges.

The MDA explains Thaad be the first endo and exo-atmosphere missile defense system, which can destroy short, medium and smaller long-distance rackets. The system destroyed the attacking ballistic missiles during the final phase of the flight shortly before the impact on the earth. It promises that Thaad system with this second successful test of three since September 2006 with completion of the USA, their troops stationed abroad and friends and Allies "Before ballistic rockets of all coarse in all flight phases" Wear Konne. The associated radar builds the rating company Raytheon.

Actually, a missionary ThAAD system was already provided for in 1999. Many breakdowns and technical problems rejoiced the development. In 2000, Lockheed Martin has already received a contract in high of almost four billion. Further difficulties delayed developments. With new tests started at the end of 2005.

The Pentagon urges, primarily by the confrontation with Iran, to expand the missile defense system. Thus, the construction of a Fruhwarradar for the soil-based system is planned in the Czech Republic, the ballistic long-range missile is planned in the Czech Republic, which the government is buried, during Poland’s scanned missiles (Czech government wants under the US missile defense system). The project not only rose to the Russians on criticism, but also in the local population.

General Vladimir Popowkin, boss of the Russian space dispersion, described the planned stations in Poland and the Czech Republic as one "clear threat" for Russia. A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry was added, it was a false step with negative consequences for international security. You can only connect the rocket defense system in Europe "As a crucial reorganization of American military pristine in Europe" to understand. However, the Bush administration emphasizes that 10 intercept missile defense system has only a limited capacity and against "Rogue states" Like North Korea or Iran, which could only attack with a small number of intercontinental rockets. However, it is hard to ame that these states have started a war with their nuclear missiles, they are probably primarily used as a result of the Iraq war of deterrence before attacks. Obviously, this also works as the case of North Korea demonstrates, so that not only perhaps the Iran, but also other countries could follow the example.

However, politically Poland and the Czechities were also allowed to are themselves with integration into the missile defense system of the US protection against Russia. The fear of a threat of North Korea or Iran becomes rather low. Some critics in Poland and the Czech Republic see this as well and ame that in the case of a conflict, they are only hazardous.

Oberdies there are also mistrust against the US, as the Washington post reports, as the Iraq war has also hired the enthusiasm and remind the planned militar stall points on Soviet times. Lubomir Zaorelak The Czech Social Democrats sees the main problem in that the missile defense system is not a NATO project, but should be introduced over bilateral agreements, which the defense community is weak. Officially, NATO has nothing against the installation of the American missile defense system in Europe and thinks about connecting its own defense system with that of the USA.

The Czech ex-prassident Vaclav Havel is strong for the installation of the missile defense system and also turns to connect the approval with a giving the US in the Visa question. So far, Czechs and Poles have to apply for entry into the US Visa, possibly also on the background of the talk about the missile defense system, the US government for particularly friendly states wants to upload the conditions. Havel, however, turns to a folk decision and sees a fundamental question for the Czech Republic in terms of the American militar use point for the missile defense system:

Entwede will be a modern open society, which is co-responsible for the world and wants to make a creative contribution for the joint work of the international community, which also belongs to the joint defense against counterpagger aggressors or terrorists, or we want ours in a mentally-written attitude Land of the world extracting something about our great identity murmuring the looseness of the problems of the world others and leave us pretty busy to defend others to defend our country, during us, a small nation, prefer to wait for the result to see.

However, the Czech government has no governmental majority. Therefore, it is uncertain whether the topic can be decided at high in front of a new choice. If the militar use point should actually be built by Boeing, as it is called now, then did not allow much money to the Czech economy over the construction.

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