Stop target: em, a synagogue, a mosque and a tax office

The Ukrainian secret service fests one of the right-wing extremism-suspicious French with a coarse arms arsenal, which the SBU itself sold him

In France, the resist nervos are given the upcoming Fubball EM. A lot of safety powers are assigned: 42.000 policemen, 30.000 Gendarmen, 5.200 members of civil protection, 10.000 soldiers and 13.000 Employees of private security companies. The fear of possible striking plays.

15 Connection

Today, the news of the arrest of a 25-year Frenchman, who allegedly intended to pursue 15 follow – on very different goals: facilities that have to do with the European Championship, a mosque, a synagogue, a tax office and strain inspection points on highways. Even the payment appears unusual; The story that is behind it is it too.

The information comes from the head of the Ukrainian domestic intelligence service SBU, Wassyl Hryzak. He was forced to a press conference after French media already over the case Gregoire M. had reported. In the 80-inhabitant village Nant-le-Petit (Department Meuse), ten days ago a house search in the apartment of the agricultural employee. That speaks around. The case came to a television station.

Gregoire M. Sits in Ukraine since May in Ukraine. The SBU head actually wanted to report the arrest only after the European Championship. After the case was already leaked by media, he was forced to act faster, he stressed.

A weapon soral and an unknown front passenger

On 21. May became Gregoire M. arrested at the border between Ukraine and Poland, at the Ukrainian transition Jagodin. His car, a Kangoo, was packed with weapons, explosives and ammunition crates, an arsenal. The SBU leader, Wassyl Hryzak, pays for: 5 Kalashnikow, 1.080 Cartrideans per assault rifle, two RPGs with 18 grenades, 125 kilograms TNT, 100 electric explosives and 20 Balaclava.

If you look at the arrest document-documented SBU video, the LAIE is stunted by how the whole outrageous Arsenal should have found in Kangoo Square. Much more is still surprised that from the passenger, like the man at the wheel, Gregoire M., also ripped from SBU employees in combat assembly from the car, apparently neither in the press conference nor in the reports in the French and Ukrainian media is speech. He will not be mentioned.

The trap

One of the potential explanations that he was a SBU employee. Because the weapons come from the SBU. The secret service had a trap of the agricultural inseminator from Lorraine. He had worried his weapons and a permit to pass the border.

The passport can also explain why the young man dared to make it in a small car with such a striking charge, which was inevitably attracted to any control, on the way from Ukraine to France.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Frenchman apparently tried in vain to find people who remove the weapon transport. He was ready for that 3.To pay 000 euros. But that was not in the sense of the SBU, which had planned the arrest in Flagranti.

Contact search for militar in the east of Ukraine

At the SBU, in December last year, the man had become aware of the man, SBU boss Wassyl Hryzak is quoted by Le Monde because he contacted armed units in the east of Ukraine, to support them. Finally, he has shown a clear interest in buying weapons. As he then for a business "Some thousand euros and later more" laid on the table, one had been convinced by the seriousness of his project.

In Ukrainian reproductions of the press conference, there is talk of a six-month special operation of intelligence service and of that Gregoire M. Ukrainian soldiers in the east of the country have addressed.

At, the press conference is reproduced so that the SBU "a terrorist group", So several people, uncovered. According to Le Monde, Gregoire M. several trips to Ukraine did not always be alone. It is currently being donated after several persons.

Speculation on the political background

Interesting are indications and speculations that are the motif of the weapon purchase and intentional assassination planner, because France’s media go from a right-wing radical background. They are connected to two basics. Once the statement of Hryzak, after which the Frenchman criticizes the immigration policy of the government and pronounced particularly against the dissemination of Islam and globalization.

As a second indication, a T-shirt is caught, found by the police in the house search in the apartment of the suspicious. For a group of extreme rights, Liberation reports that the domestic intelligence service has been on the risk of domestic intelligence for a long time that ultra-legal proceedings could vote in France.

The French police confirm the stop plannes that the SBU conductor mentioned has not yet mentioned, it is called by Le Monde. The investigation will not be carried out by the anti-terrorist department of the prosecutor, but of units dealing with organized crimetat and arms trade. When the man from the u-detention in Ukraine is delivered to France, do not stand.

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