Stop at 10.000 euro? Eu tarpaulin for cash limit provide for zoff

Stop 10,000 euros? EU tarpaulin for cash limit provide for Zoff

The fight against money washing is only semi-hearted by experts in many EU countries. On Tuesday, the European Commission will introduce planes how to effectivity more efficiently that billions of criminal businesses are fed into the regular economy. In the conversation is among other things an upper limit of 10.000 Euro for payments with cash and a new monitoring residence. Nothing is decided by final, but already the proposals provide for discussions – especially in Germany.

Why does the EU Commission suggest a cash limit?

Burgets argue, criminals had it harder to disguise the illegal origin of their experiment, terrorism financing was equally difficult as black work. Because unlike electronic deposits or transfers leave cash business barely traces. Thus, an upper limit for payments with light and munze criminal machinations. "We respect it that Burger Cash Moge, and we do not want to abolish it", said EU Financial Market Commissioner Mairead McGuinness in May of the Suddeutsche Zeitung. "But we want clean euros, no dirty. Money wash poisones the economic system; The money comes from criminal activities and fleesen in the legal economic cycle."

Does not already do enough for money basison?

The European Court of Auditors joined after a survey concluded that there are significant weakness. Thus, among other things, the measures to prevent money washings and the intervention after detection of a risk has established insufficient coordination at EU level. "The weakness of the EU in the evaluation of money washes and terrorist financing must be closed, and the supervision of the EU must be significantly increased", Chief Program Mihails Kozlov demanded afterwards.

Goods a cash limit slightly new new?

In most countries in Europe, there are already highest limits for cash payments – in Greece, for example, at 500 euros, in Croatia at 15.000 EURO. No limits have so far states such as Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Cyprus. The EU Commission now wants that all Member States a ban on cash payments over 10.Transfer 000 Euro. States that have introduced a lower limit can maintain this.

How do the Brussels tarpaulin in Germany?

Bundesbank board Johannes Beermann sees a restriction of cash payments to 10.000 Euro critical. "So far, there is no scientifically sound proof that with cash reduction limits the goal is achieved to combat money washes", said Beermann in the German press agency. Beermann sees the danger that such a limit "especially the honest burger meets". Germany’s top consumer protection, Klaus Muller, had also warned years ago, a cash limit Off "The gate for an absolute control of consumers". The right to anonymous shopping must be considered.

The CSU MEP Markus Ferber says: "A uniform cash top of Europe does not need it." The Commission was well on taking into account the national facilities and to ease it to the Member States, whether and in which high it has cash increments.

Who was the 10.000 Euro border in Germany meeting?

Cash payments in Funfstelliger High were allowed to have rarity value for most consumers. In certain areas, however, upper limits could cause problems, such as used car purchase. Many sellers were reluctant to rely on the commitment, the money will be overlooked. Even high rental deposites are sometimes paid bar. However, such businesses could also be possible under the combined conditions: "This upper limit does not apply to private transactions between private individuals", it is called in a draft for the regulation. Already in countries with upper limits for cash payments partly exceptions for businesses between private individuals.

How concrete are the planning for the new monitoring resorts?

The concrete proposal will be presented on Tuesday. According to the text available to the DPA, the "Anti-Money Laundering Authority (Amla)" In case of violations of EU rules, financial sanctions can. Hesse promotes that the new EU authority is located in the banking metropolis of Frankfurt. "It is important that the new EU authority comes to Frankfurt and will not go to Paris", credited Thomas Richter, main supplies of the German Fund Association BVI. "Otherwise, the tectonics could shift between the continental European financial bursts in favor of Paris." In Paris, the European banking supervisor EBA and the European Financial Supervision ESMA its headquarters, Frankfurt is waiting with the European Central Bank (ECB) and the supervision of the Groben euro banks under their roof.

How to continue?

Following the presentation of the tarpaulin, the Council of the Member States and the European Parliament on the train. If sufficiently large majorities come about there, the proposals of the EU Commission can be implemented. However, before the coming year, no final decisions are expected.

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