Stick to the election campaign in greece

Stick to the election campaign in Greece

Transition Spremier Papademos, who has renounced his salary, is allowed to go. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

At the governing parties, there was panic from the score and a slope to the tropology, while more and more parties are founded

In the middle of the Orthodox Holy Week, one week after the Catholic or. Protestant takes place, the Greek parliament has lost. It is finally coming to the new elections for a long time, originating in November 2011 to Papandreous Failed referendum on the 19.February were terminated. At that time, the governing parties hoped for the time to use. The elections are still more open than ever. Almost every result is possible. For Greece experienced how Ex-Austkinisterin Dora Bakoyianni appreciated his political "Disstruction of Pompeii".

Greek election campaigns have always been characterized by special features. One of them is that election gifts are distributed in advance for the party login and not only after the elections. Almost sixty law packets should therefore be hunted by plenary within the last two parliamentary weeks.

The two rivals Pasok and Nea Dimokratia alternate since eightundy years rule together in the transition Cabinet Papademos and were able to serve their lobbyists together for the first time. "Tropology" (Change) The lobby trick is called. The intended statutory regulations are housed in other legislative packages, with which they have nothing to do, as a side paragraph. The segregation had provided this possibility to allow quick corrections to individual laws without having to create a complete reform package.

"Ntropology" (Ntropia = shame) The vernacular calls the abuse of this instrument. Thus, Minister of Education Bambiniotis, almost a month in office, wanted to significantly facilitate the rules of teaching of teaching schools with a special regulation and caps their salary. Bambiniotis is in the Board of Directors of a private school. The regulation tilted at the heavy resistance of the public.

You can not do anything else!

Probably the most extreme tropology affected the governing parties themselves. They allowed himself the deep grip into the storm buddies. Each parliamentary party receives per vote and year 10 Euro state subsidy. For comparison, in Germany, the parties receive 0.85 euros for the first four million votes. For every other voice, it is only 0.70 euros. What wonders that the least-strongest Greek party, NEA DIMOKRATIA in the 11 million inhabitant state, will give more state aid as the German CDU.

The tropology submitted by Interior Minister Tasos Giannitsis said that the parties receive their grants for the third quarter of 2011 and completely for the first and second quarter of 2012 at once. The basis of the calculation are the election results of October 2009, at that time the Pasok received 43.92 percent, for the NEA Dimokratia it was 33.48 percent. The parties currently expect the highest of 18 percent of the Pasok and 26 percent for NEA Dimokratia, according to the initial periods for the beginning of May. The values are very different in the respective surveys. Both together, however, could hardly come across 35 percent in this point some opinion research institutes. You have split several times in the course of the last two and a half years. The cleaving receive no grants.

Stick to the election campaign in Greece

The Greek Parliament. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

So much self-service allowance brought himself the chairman of the Liberal EU Parliamentary Group Guy Verhofstadt in Rage. By protest letter, he turned to Jose Manuel Barroso and talked about the 29 million euros, which simply lend in campaign funds. Verhofstadt Ubersah that in the tropology further almost 11 million euros are used for election purposes, but he collected the core. The highlight is not that the parties receive more money for the second quarter of 2012, as they are entitled to the expected election result. Giannitsis built a fuse for the party finance into his tropology. The money is not plentiful. Accordingly, both the banks, whom Pasok and NEA Dimokratia goes far more than 250 million euros, as well as the coercions empty. For months, the employees of both parties have been unpaid. The social security carriers are waiting for insurance contributions. High power bills, 670.000 Euro for NEA DIMOKRATIA and 52.500 for the Pasok, have not yet been paid. That both parties immense rental debt print and suppliers are near desperation, no one should surprise.

Stick to the election campaign in Greece

Here the massive Pasok boss Venizelos finally liked as a premier pure – entrance of the official residence Megaro Maximou. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Especially spicy is that Burgern, which more than 5.000 Euro social security contributions or taxes Debt that threatens immediate arrest. Most recently, it caught the seventy-sevento director Costas Ferris. Although he can not remember to have ever seen his fee for a certain television production, and had already forgotten the production at which he was involved. Detectable is not a settlement of the fee bill either. Nevertheless, the Treasury insists on a sales tax payment. Ferris had to be behind lattice. Pasok party feet of Venizelos need not worry about the debts of his party, protect him immunitats laws.

Likewise, every Greek, which can not pay in good time, which is recently introduced in addition to the energy costs, which has recently established head controls, the energy supply is turned off. Finally, the Klamme Greek State has to raise billions for the rescue of the State Agricultural Bank of Greece, during which the parties alone this Bank debt 250 million euros. The banks had assigned the obviously lazy loans by Ordre de Mufti. As a predatory security, the state party financing funds served.

In the heated debate on scandalosis financing made MEP of all opposition parties pointed out that there is a UNDING to build the taxpayer on the one hand the interest rates payable to the IMF and the ECB for bank rescue loans and to enable the context of private investments and social security with the haircut, but On the other hand, at the lowest payment date of the miserable creders, immediately to draw the legal club.

The parliamentary debate on Monday was quite exciting and was largely carried by the opposition with logical arguments and without surviving populism. She could not do anything at the vote. Because "out of time", so the official version, the governing parties had preferred the vote. In fact, the hurry had pragmatic reasons. Only 155 of the 300 parliamentarians voted the self-service. These are six less than alone the Pasok Group at the beginning of the legislative period had in their ranks. The opposition voted completely against the project, which, according to Pasok boss Evangelos Venizelos, should guarantee the independence of the parties of dubious party spendors. Venizelos obeyed to the shocks of the current party financing law.

IMF boss Christine Lagarde does not stop such practices from calling up the Greeks to choose from these two parties. She fears that heel votes to the "smaller parties" were dangerous because they were irresponsible. In Greek media is rumored that the IMF fears the state of government if the "Gross parties" under Venizelos and Samaras together not more than 160 mandates in the three-hundred-of-sided member of Member.

Who are the smaller parliamentary parties?

In addition to the already parliamentary left opposition parties, the Communist Party (KKE), and the left collective court Syriza, during the legislative period, numerous properties have been formed from its fractions from its fractions dissidents. The Communists alone remained spared these phenomena. From the Syriza, who forms itself as a ballot from numerous smaller groups, a few deputies interrogated under Fotis Kouvelis and found the democratic left. Kouvelis, however, also collected Auberarlamentary politicians of the Pasok around, so that now some of the left camp politicians are looking back the way back.

Stick to the election campaign in Greece

Louka Katseli Let’s coming to the new party. Image: w. Astwestopoulos

Several deputies of the Pasok foundations according to their party exclusion in February the social superimposition for Greece in Europe. The partner’s footprint of the group with the strange name share ex-economic minister Louka Katseli and ex-Justice Minister Haris Kastanidis.

Giannis Dimaras, because of his criticism in the socialist austerity price already flown in May 2010 from the Socialist Party, founded the Panhellenian quarrel of the burger as a protest party. Meanwhile, the warehouse of NEA Dimokratia originated the democratic alliance around Dora Bakoyianni ("The problem is that there are still terrorist ideologies in Europe"To). Bakoyianni had agreed to the IMF economy in May 2010 when Antonis Samaras invoked a blockade vote as a party chairman of the NEA Dimokratia. She is still today to her vote for the austerity rate, but she looks at the implementation of the measures as false and raises the governing parties to save on the wrong place and on the other hand to waste capital lightly.

Also from Nea Dimokratia dissidents exist the independent Greeks" To ex-marine minister Panos Kammenos. They were excluded from Samaras because they voted against the second IMF memorandum when Samaras decided that the party should now support the austerity. Up to the "Burger" all these groups have a realistic opportunity to collect in parliament. Dimaras regularly pays in surveys on the most popular three politicians of the country, but more than 1.5 percent electoral votes will not be added to him. He fails at the locking clause of three percent. Bakoyiannis party is usually under the Hurde in surveys. However, it should be noted that your election potential on the home island of Crete is significantly higher than in the national average. The votes alone, which could win their candidates there in the regional elections 2010, were ranged nationwide for the exceeding of the proximity clause.

Barrel is currently as well as most savings throotstar of the surveys. Adaptably mixed his patriotic attitude, which once brought him to the value conservative warehouse of the Nea Dimokratia, with social anti-commercial rhetoric. Significantly, he is the only one of the representatives of smaller parties, which publicly accompanies the invitation of the group chairman of the Syriza Alexis Tsipras to concerted actions. Tsipras advertises for common electoral lists, with which important direct mandates for the camp of the savings banks are to be won. Because the first party first party is independent of its percentage a bonus of 50 parliamentarians. The 250 remaining mandates are distributed with a simple relief law. Substitutions of electants are deducted as well as disobey voices and votes for the locking clause failed parties from the total selection of election.

The trim at the locking clause threatens the Orthodox Collective Bond Laos under Giorgos Karatzferis. The smart journalist had agreed to the austerity package in May 2010, then protested against the hardness of the implementation, in order to become an initial junior partner of the two coarse parties in the transitional government in November 2011,. In February, he recognized this swivel again as a mistake and then pulled himself with a rough bang out of the government. Currently, he sounds that as a first step in a new government, Troika-Poul Thomsen wants to explain to persona Non Grata.

At the same time he weather for his existence rivals in the fight for the election. While karatzferis still in December before the "Threatening communist danger" Warning, he now "The children of Hitler", The Neonazi Chrysi Avgi. Care Aferis, which, like the attitude to the question of illegal immigrants (illegal immigration becomes the Reiberian campaign topic) with patriotism, is likely to be punishable that a Hitlerne Party is by no means patriotic. Carate Aferis flakes his party in political survival fight with prominent Greeks. The actress Vana Barba flakes his candidate wars.

Even this probably unique feature of Greek election campaigns does not limit itself to a party. For Dora Bakoyiannis list is the Fubballer Daniel Batista Lima in conversation. The parties are decorating themselves with previously politically inactive celebrities so as better to capture the vocal folk. Even the journalist Giannis Dimaras once came to his parliamentary seat.

During the Catholic Easter Days, the Greek parties were looking for candidates instead of eggs. The PASOK run the old ones in a row. Minister of Justice Miltiadis Papajoannou is just back like vice premier Thodoros Pangalos. Dozens more socialists do they do. You want, so is rumored on parliamentary corridors, rather make an honorable finish than the expected violent defeat suffer. Despite this staff, preaching party feet of Venizelo’s passage paroles. He seriously speaks that he liked the absolute majority.

This also strives for Antonis Samaras. Samara threatens that if he does not give the absolute majority of parliamentary seats, immediately further new elections donored to get to the destination. That this was completely ruined the land already on the ground, apparently does not seem to him. He liked to become a premier. His party is also in front of a personnel change. Many long-term members obviously did not like to carry the zigzag course and therefore pull back.

Stick to the election campaign in Greece

At the EPAM Congress there was a dispute over the occupation of the Prasidium. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Also outside the Parliament is becoming more and more new parties

The trend towards the parties principles also consists of the established political landscape. In the context of the movement of the emports burger, numerous stakeholders have arisen. Some of them like the "Payment is not paid"-Activists intended to run for Parliament, but moved with a view to the electoral law. Also, the composer Mikis Theodorakis will take out that its Elada movement of Furs parliament starts.

Stick to the election campaign in Greece

Dimitris Kazakis, Funfter from Right, Mooded Greece. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

the "Some people’s front" (EPAM), however, to compete the economic journalist Dimitris Kazakis. Kazakis had joined the Spitha movement of Mikis Theodorakis in May 2010, but glimaced later with the politically active composer. The Epam had her basic congress last weekend. Right at the beginning there was a dispute, because the delegates could not agree on the flow of congress. On this point, the fight for post items of the post, the new parties have arrived quickly where the established parties have been.

No party has preserved a last, worked out program as the crisis to be forced goods. But something is rarely a topic in Greek electoral champion. It’s, too, this is a special feature, mostly to prove that your own party has less scandals than the respective opponents. The Greeks can then be on 6. May calend you again like the Homeric Odysseus between Skylla and Charybdis.

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