Start a west eastern media war?

The French prohibition of the TV channel Al-Manar, but above all its classification as a terrorist organization by the US government is also from "Reporters without limits" criticized as a danger

Shortly after the Lebanese television station Al-Manar, which approaches the militant Shiite Hezbollah (Party of God), the license was again withdrawn after a month after a month, the US government has gone a step further last week and has him as "Terrorist organization" classified (classified television station as a terrorist organization). In response, 50 private providers of cable television programs in solidarity with Al-Manar have now decided not to transfer the French channel TV5. The Lebanese government sees an attack on freedom of expression and threatens with counterclaims.

Al-Manar is located in Lebanon and is also admitted there as a station. He is considered behind the news senders Al-Jazira or Al-Arabiya as one of the most seen channels in the Arab region. The sender enters, like Ibrahim Mousawi, responsible for the political content at Al-Manar, about the self -understanding of the Lebanese station in a telepolis conversation shortly before the prohibition exported, quite for the legitimate armed "resistance" the Palastinian ("You can not only dust diplomatic prere"To). The threatening ban is guided by him as by many other Muslims of the region on the operation of Israel Zinuck.

The fact that Al-Manar has received the broadcasting license for France, but is also called for political and economic prere. Thus, the situation of the DEIDEN French journalists who have been held as a hostage for weeks in Iraq for weeks. But it should also have given prere from the satellite provider Arabsat, which should have threatened to bolt the French channels otherwise.

France threw the sender call for violence and anti-Semitism, after a spokesman was claimed that Israel consciously spread AIDS among Arabs and this is a crime against humanity (the Bose comes from the sky). The withdrawal of broadcasting is in Lebanon and elsewhere in the region as well as the shortly thereafter first classification of a television station as "Terrorist organization" by the US government designed as a confirmation of the unilateral attitude of the West, which supports Israeli interests.

A first step to brand journalists as a terrorist?

On the last Tuesday, Eutelsat has no longer transferred the program of Al-Manar after the verdict. And after the US government classified the station as a terrorist organization, since Friday, the French satellite operator Globecast did not transfer the program no longer in the USA. Lebanon’s government also sees this as an attack on the country and threatens counterclaims for French and American channels, as information minister Elie Ferzli explained. Also the Arab journalist association AJU condemned the procedure of the US government.

A hitherto rather symbolic reaction is the last Saturday decision of some cable providers in Beirut, from Solidaritat with Al-Manar no longer feed the French station TV5. But that’s just a first step, you will agree with other companies in Lebanon. The cable providers in a Christian district of Beiruts did not affiliate the boycott because their customers are mostly francophone. But even in some districts, in which Hezbollah is strongly represented, the French station has not yet been locked out because it was not informed by the action.

At Al-Manar, one tries to differentiate the macers of the French and American government diplomatically. So Abdullah Shamseddine, the news editor-in-chief editor of Al-Manar, said the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star, that the procedure of France is a court ruling, while the decision of the US government "An open political decision against our media organization" is. You can understand the dilemma of the French", which gave the Israeli prere, while at the same time they want to true the friendship with the Arab and Muslim world and his reputation".

Therefore, Al-Manar does not support any countermeasures, as you believe in the protection of freedom of expression. You have volunteered the transmission by Eutelsat and try to act legally against the prohibition. The American decision is considered as "Attack on the free media" and understood as an attempt, Arab views "To vacuum and terrorize". This decision undermine the US slogans to bring the Arab region of freedom and democracy.

The problem lies between the Judian lobby and us. We have made a breakthrough by showing that some pro-Israeli French television broadcasters radiate hatred against Arabs and Muslims, as this was the case in the allegedly anti-Semitic broadcast of Al-Manar.

Abdullah Shamseddine

In France or in Sudamerika, the decision has only political consequences, because MAN Al-Manar also receives other satellites. In the case of the US, this is difficult, especially since you are actually difficult to act.

Criticism does not only come from the Arab region. Even "Reporters without limits" RUIDEN that the US government’s decision is a dangerary step, and warns to combine the fight against anti-Semitism with the fight against terrorism:

Even if some of the anti-Semitic exercises sent by Al-Manar are inextraceable, so we are worried to classify this television station in the same category as terrorist groups. This does not appear us as the best solution.

One consequence will be that not only all employees of the transmitter from the US are shown, but that they are considered a camphor and editors of the station as a military goal. This could also open the door, all the news media accused as a helper of terrorists in the list. But that was fell with certainty to abuse.

The International Journalist Association IFJ has so far allegedly "overlapped" Franco-prohibition sentenced as censorship. If every time, if in a station "Property and unacceptable exercises" were made, this is closed, then there was no TV channels soon.

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