Spd: must stregner way?

SPD: Does Stegner have to go?

Ralf Stegner 2012. Photo: SPD Schleswig-Holstein. License: CC by 2.0

Simone Long calls for the historical defeat of the Social Democrats at the local elections in Schleswig-Holstein the releasing of the state chairman

In 1946, the state of Schleswig-Holstein was formed from the north of the former Preber. Since then, the SPD has never cut off in local elections as bad as on Sunday. Overall, they ended up 23.3 percent. 11.8 points behind the CDU, which was previously 4.9 points in front. How roughly the emission is the catastrophe, it will be clear only when considering that the Christian Democrats in comparison to local election 2013 themselves bubed about four percent. That CDU minister Prassident Gunther nevertheless of "Backwind" could speak for his coalition, was only the gains of his liberal and green partners.

SPD Landeschef Ralf Stegner tried to apologize for the historical defeat of his party on election evening with even lower survey values at the federal level and, above all, praised the Kiel Oberburgermeister Ulf Camphor, who had managed to stay in the office against the Landestrend. The SPD-Oberburgmeister of the third-grown city of the country, Simone long, he did not praise. Or at least not that way. Although the SPD had lost less in Flensburg than in Kiel and the distance to the CDU could even reduce something.

"Perceived by humans as a kid"

An explanation of Dafur offered the next day, as the long-known throughout Andrea Nahles nationwide mirrors with the words "It’s okay if he says he wool – but we have to look throughout the party: there is someone who is better suited?" The resolution of Stegners demanded – and still before the regular new election of the state executive in the next year, so that the European elections does not end like the municipal election. "The defeat", so the learned police administration force, be namely "No snapshot": "We have been losing elections in the north for many years. There can not be without changing – content, but also personal."

Stegner is not some statefirst: Already ten years ago Manfred Gullner certified the SPD that the Schleswig-Holstein politician certified "perceived by humans as a kid" will." "Wherever he appears", according to the undertaking of the opinion research institute Forsa, "he stabilizes this picture". Nevertheless, the SPD Functional Stegner aged in 2014 on Deputy Federal Chairman, whereupon he was even prussate in talk shows as before and the image of social democrats properly praised nationwide (see. Ten among numerous).

In addition, he discovered social media, where he fell through exercises that one likely to him "hate" and "Hitting" had screamed if he was not in the party of the Minister of Justice. For example, he compared the (Judisch) Facebook business Cheryl Sandberg with the NSU Terrorbride Beate Zschape, even writing their name wrong. He approved a burger: "You can see me".

For nearly 20 years, the party has been denying the re-coupling information from elections

The Greater problem of the SPD is, however, that Stegner is not their only problem. For almost 20 years, the party has refused to re-linked elections and continues with politicians like him or Heiko Maas, with which they lost their former secure Bastion Saarland 2004, 2009 and 2012. Now the Bundestag election record leaflet should become Martin Schulz SPD top candidates for the European elections and EU Commissioner. "What can already go wrong?" If you ask in social media sarcastic.

This negative loyal was not only at the top, but also on lower lead levels: There are increasingly grounded technical promoters from the working-class coating, in which often not the most frequent, but the people who had the most time had. And during women’s rates should demand the diversitat, the SPD was actually more always more homogeneous, more and more to a party of sociologists, politologists, padagogues and burok rates.

Even if you do not believe it yourself, it also determines the consciousness. And this is increasingly surprised by a material carefree childhood and youth, which not only produces post-material, but also positive ideas. The political modes of this milieus are often and unconsciously also distinction instruments that even strengthen the contrast between the election and the functional rigence (see. Discrepancy between Wahler and Functional Square).

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