Spd and union: election campaign furs living room

SPD and Union: Election campaign FURS Living Room

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The center parties coded with family time, money for families from the state budget and tax relief

It is "Super-election year", The next round is before: on the 7. May the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein and a week later in NRW a choice that will set more powerful signals. Afterwards is "Pause" until the general election in September. The AFD and connected movements have lost their stress sting at the moment. The media jerking the competition between SPD and Union with coalition speculations in the foreground.

Of the "Classic place of moral economy"

Representatives of both folk parties focused on promises for a clientele on the weekend, which stands for the future, for soliditat and cohesion, and whose wishes do not move into the radicals: the family. "In the living room of the family", Should the Fruh Died Frank Schirrmacher have uplowered, "we sit at the classical place of moral economy, an economy, ‘the things do not be paid’".

This social capital "reclaim", it does not work. The working world building on the very different time and power level gown is informed of the other world. The policy awakens the illusion to convey here. On this gap between two worlds, the proposals for improving the family’s relevance, as they are sent in the election campaign in the last few days.


The beginning Martin Schulz made a relief promise that coarse grainy looks like: The education of the children should be free from the crib to the master or university degree. Also the place at the full-time school should be legally guaranteed. "Both parents should and can work", The Embassy is about to close attention to the precare side of the family: high hires in the city where many jobs are located, the double earnings as a guarantee for a secured perspective.

The SPD candidate Schulz wants to see it that there is a return guarantee for the full-time job, which – so far – especially women are addressed. The SPD vice and family Minister Manuela Schwesig presented today at the relief offensive. With a suggestion for relieving families with small children or with nursing.

Your concept is called "Family working time". Artistic "Father and mother can reduce their working time for two years to 26 to 36 hours and receive a family allowance of 300 euros together. A similar scheme should also relieve relevant, which is to care for care in the family" (The time). The costs are scated to about 2.5 billion euros a year.

A family-political offensive

The Union politicians Horst Seehofer and Peter Altmaier had a family-political offensive at the weekend on the weekend, with a little distance, so the FAZ, Secured by the Family Political Speaker of the Union, Marcus Weinberg. Vineyard, according to the central organ of the Burger-Conservative Milieus, made aware of the approximately the proposals: "Prerequisite is a clear financing. No one is helped if we push cloudy promise in the sky."

To the "Cloudy promises", The Seehofer via the picture on Sunday in the spring sprinkles, obediently fum mails, of which "but only two or three should be implemented after the election": Children’s splitting with high tax exit for each child, unique financial grants for example for "a stroller or baby equipment", An educational account, which the state is subject to money for the training, the discharge in social security contributions for families with low income and the review of the possibility of a gradual abolition of the KITA-warrants.

Chancellor’s Minister of Chancellor Peter Altmaier also assisted support for families via the Funke Media Group: Help in ownership and wealth education, support and education. How the proposals will look like in legal form, how high the costs are and whom is helped with it is still open.

Of economic professionals who are active in poverty research, reference is long already referred to the single parents who have to fight more and more with the poverty line. They do not come in the family offensive.

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