Sounds: grune for “control of migration”

Sounds: Grune for'steuerung der migration'

On Grun it depends? Cem Ozdemir Missed (October 2017). Image: Bundestag faction Bundis 90 / Grunen, Flickr / CC by 2.0

A compromise proposal with one "breathing guideline" should open the way to an agreement on the topic of escape

Four weeks, the exploration course last, today’s Sunday evening they should be finished (see Merkel’s last chance?To). If the topic "migration" If it is dissolved, it is reported from subscriber circles, then you come to the others "Masking points" (Merkel) climate protection and energy together.

Certain negotiation offers penetrate. The ARD Correspondent Michael Stezzle hold the for no good idea that it also "Drove negotiates" Will, the negotiations did not make it easier inside. Since there is a fight for a born in the fight of it, who more opposite. That’s the negotiations offset, dear he understand.

An offer that promotes today to the outdoors comes from the grunes and is considered to meet the Union, especially to the CSU. Stenters reported in the morning that the greats of the Fruhe so-called "Upper limit" The CSU with 200.000 escape lingings received a year.

Your subhandler became one "breathing guideline" accept – however, the basic law still apply and the right to asylum. If this is coupled with the demand that from Marz 2018 the exposed family reunification for escape lines with subsidiar protection is reimbursed, according to the ARD correspondent.

According to his information, the FDP, in turn, signals a compromise position: the family reunification for escapeons with a restrained protection statath should be exposed again for two years until the Immigration Act is there. Then you can rule that you can keep his family under which circumstances. Criteria for Dafur were a workplace that integrates financial protection, such as the escapeons that have their family.

The Taz Weib more closely the offer of the grunes, whose formulations of the newspaper are according to their own information. Quoted from the text:

Since reunification, the number of escape is only in 5 years 200.Exceeded 000. That’s why we want to act in this context in the future, especially with regard to integration opportunity in the municipalities.

"Exploratory"-Offer of the Grunen, Taz

The Green Zeitung concludes that this is this "As a commitment to a control" Reading Konne, "which allows the state to better deal with enameled". That one is the term "frame" Idled, show flexibility. It’s integrated into two markers.

One "Upper limit" There is no way because the asylum law does not know this, is stressed by party feet Peters. And as a second: family reunification must come. The offer of the green is summarized by the TAZ like this:

The green rescue family reunification, but go a step towards the CSU. It is important: from the formulations of the grunes does not point out whether family reunification in a framework of 200.000 escape lings per year was included. But this question is crucial because he made the big group.


However, there are different collecting and calculation bases on the exact coarse of family reunification – no clear picture, as the newspaper permits.

The fact that the offer of green has been borne to the outdoors is due to the fact that the negotiators want to convey the grunes of the base as they counteract this counterfeiting. As a statement of the green youth indicates, fundamental clashes are to be expected with the basis of the coming party congress. Here is a directional dispute to:

A guideline of 200.000 In the escape of escape intake, an extreme asylum policy legal prere. Do not accept the grunge grune. An upper limit Light with gruner participation does not work!


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