Soder: accelerate coal phase-out in germany with more money

Soder: accelerate coal phase-out in germany with more money

As a consequence of the climate law verdict of the Federal Constitutional Court, the CSU wants to accelerate the phase-out of coal power with financial incentives. The motto must be "more coal for less coal", said CSU head Markus Soder on Monday before a meeting of the party’s executive board in Munich. The fixed phase-out date of 2038 does not need to be changed, partly because those affected need planning security. With financial incentives, however, an exit could still be accelerated.

Climate protection law as "Role model"

Soder emphasized that it was a generational task to create the link between economy and climate protection, between prosperity and sustainability in the time after Corona. Ultimately, the German and Bavarian climate protection laws had to become "Role models" . To achieve this, the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2040 had to be anchored. For 2030, the interim target must be "65 percent plus x" must be enshrined in law. To achieve this, among other things, a new regulation on the price of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) would be needed – a rigid cap would not be suitable here.

In terms of mobility, Soder expects the end of fossil combustion engines from 2035, but at the same time emphasized that the charging infrastructure must be further expanded. At the same time, faster procedures are needed for the expansion of rail and local public transport. This is not a question of money. The green deal could only be implemented if it succeeded in becoming faster here. It is crucial that the construction of the line is not slowed down by protests, even at the regional level.

Solar and wind power expansion

When it comes to expanding renewable energy, Soder sees no reason for Bavaria to abolish the controversial 10H rule for new wind turbines. Bavaria should rather focus on repowering, i.e. modern plants and especially on the expansion of photovoltaics. In this context, he again announced the obligation for solar plants on roofs in new buildings. For more sustainability, new buildings should be built with bricks and wood instead of concrete.

Soder stressed that he hoped that the Federal Government with the parliamentary groups of Union and SPD could agree on it in such a way that the revised climatic protection law could be already called in the coming week in the Federal Cabinet. If this is not possible, a meeting of the leaders of the CDU/CSU and SPD is also conceivable. It remains to be seen whether there will be a cross-party consensus on the ie. In the end, this is "not decisive, we will go our own way", said Soder.

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