Slowly back to “old egypt”

Possibly much in the dark: Viceprasident Suleiman’s transition process negates central demands of the protest movement. The West only sees what he should see. Everything was in Egypt?

The new Egypt under Omar Suleiman offers the old picture used for decades: an old manner round in state television, labeled as a trial between government and opposition. Traditional result: "no". The government speaks of the first constructive steps, during the representatives of the opposition that essential reform proposals, Z.B. The end of the one-party system, the change in the catch on which the system Mubarak is not placed at all the debate. This is how the stability looks like they have made the USA and representatives of the EU at the Safety Summit on the weekend?

From the younger members of the protest movement, the engine of the factual opposition of the last 13 days, no trace is to be seen at these public stagings of the ordinary transition. The transformation process acts like a "ordered jerking in old relisements".

It is interesting that you have invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the first meeting. So exactly the "Islamist’s horridness", with which one feared for years to the composite and the burgers (and thus also legitimizes the brutal handling of regimegers) – as ambivalent that is, it also shows that the Muslim Brotherhood is on your website Links to Wikileaks, where much of the relationship between Suleermann and the burder has read in the past. Nobody was about the younger in the attention-grained TV round.

The young opposition, the organizationally behind the demonstrations since the 25. January, knows the apparatus. She woman, such instructions ("POLITICAL PLOY") Have a high price, the "System Mubarak" wins time, the demands are taken. For this, the claim is stronger that one is now on the way "Back to the normality".

Man female, the politically crucial negotiations do not take place there where the TV lights stand. That happens in the dark. Transparency is no trace in this new government and transformation process. That too like. Instead, she tries to regain the dark room again. For media and press representatives, whose work was threatened with fehrnis and bubble all the time, the working conditions are not lighter – despite the amptions Omar Suleimans. The arrests of the last days follow today more arrests and harassment – it is about to suffocate the public for the demonstrators at Tahrir Square allogously:

The militar has been instructed, reporters without the so-called "Press Card" not to leave control items, so on Monday morning most foreign reporters also denied access to Tahrir Square, where the resistance movement demonstrates.

"Never think of your words, carefully pay attention to what you do," the rule of the well-known agypth blogger Sandmonkey for rulers in the Middle East. As is the rule, the rule shows how Matthias Gebauer from Cairo reports on the basis of the statements of Vice Omar Suleiman, who declared before days in any complained microphone that the free coverage was not hindered.

This was only for visible zones like Tahrirplatz. Outside, the fillers lurked and policemen. That has not changed. Suleiman, the Wikileaks publications as an experienced dark champion show in the opposition of opposition, dominates the control registers. Western bonded singing the song of stable ratios. Everything was in Egypt?

CONTRARY TO THE DOMINANT MEDIA Narrative, The Egyptian State Did NOT EXPERIENCE A REGIME BREAKDOWN. The Protests Certainly Rocked The System and Had Mubarak on His Heels, But at No Time Did The Uprising Serious Threaten Egypt’s regime.

Joshua Stacher, Foreign Affairs

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