Since 2002, post data will be transferred to the usa

Federal Data Protection Schaar criticizes the transfer of personal broadcast data from letters, packs and packages

Federal Data Protection Officer Peter Schaar returned yesterday in the non-public meeting of the Internal Committee of the German Bundestag the reporting of time online and Telepolis ("Massive intervention in the fundamental rights"To). The US also wants to post data after the flight passenger data – these had time online and telepolis already revealed in January of this year. The early reporting apparently previously prevented that the US wish was adopted in a committee meeting of the World Post Association at the beginning of this year.

Otherwise goods have probably been continued Klammheimlich, which has been introduced unnoticed by the German public since 2002 (lancing of post secrecy). Since 2002, all data from letters, packs and packages has been electronically recorded and previously transferred to the US customs authorities (Customs and Border Protection); If you can be sent as express shipments from the post office such as DHL or companies like UPS, TNT and Federal Express .

As "critical", Peter Schaar evaluates in the non-public report that Telepolis is "that the traffic data has been stored electronically since the entry into force of the Trade Act 2002 for six years, so that it is to be understanded for a long time, which foreign sender is a packing or package On which US receptionist has sent and what content the program had."

This had already criticized the former penetration protection officer Klaus-Dieter Matschke before the Federal Data Protector (aid to violate post secrecy?To). The owner of KDM SecurityConsulting in Frankfurt warns of the danger of economic espionage. Especially since the information on the sender, receptionist and content is also available to the American law enforcement macers, and since 2002. However, the deputies of the Bundestag had to learn from it only from time to online and heise; Nobody had informed the public in all the years.

Still unanswered by the Federal Government is the question: Who knew since when, since 2004, electronic information has been electronically recorded electronically and to be transferred to the US customs macers since 2004? Likewise, the answer to the question is still missing who tolerated this and appreciate.

The topic remains up-to-date, because in July and August of this year, the World Post Association meets. And then it will be about the question of whether not only the data of Express, but also the regular shipments are recorded electronically and to be transmitted in advance to the US resistances. The Trade Act of 2002 also sees this, but requires the approval.

"Such inventory survey and storage of personal broadcast data is inadvertent in both German and European data protection law," warns of the Federal Data Protection Officer Peter Schaar. He now requires that data protection should be considered even with planned customs negotiations. This is new. So far he had nothing against this practice. For six years, the data of Express broadcasts could therefore be transferred unnoticed because they were formally not classified as a mailing, but as a commodity.

The US was able to set their import rules, says Schaar. The European Members Alexander Alvaro and Sophie D’intfeld. First of all, have aware of such wunches, then negotiating, but by no means can be easily implemented. It must be secured, so Alvaro that does not create facts about European or international organizations that merely implement national parliaments.

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