Sign of strong

Sign of strong

Worthersee, 4. May 2016 – the boundaries for what is perceived as fast, move in rapid pace, the Golf GTI is only one example. In the first GTI, the corner data of 110 hp, 9.2 seconds from 0 to Tempo 100 and 193 km / h lace for furore. Ten years ago it had to be 230 hp, today the strongest GTI makes 310 hp. It is limited to 400 copies and was baptized Golf GTI Clubsport S.

Known base

The basis for the machine is the two-liter four-cylinder, which internally serves as EA888 in third generation. He is also used in the two normal GTI models and in Golf R. The additional performance of the Golf GTI ClubSport S has given VW its own statements in essence with a new exhaust system and an application of the tax center. The latter probably means that simply and moving the boost prere was increased slightly. In addition, there is a fuel pump with increased pension. The control times are variable on ON and outlet side.

A dual-clutch transmission is not provided, consumed by weight, as Volkswagen announced. That’s why there is no Ruckbank. Including a 75 kg driver, the GTI should come to a curb weight of 1360 kilograms. Under Strich, VW wants to save about 30 kilograms of a comparably equipped Golf GTI.

Fast opponent

The machine makes 310 hp and offers 380 Nm, which are between 1700 and 5300 / min. That should be enough for river driving performance, which is the same. The work promises 5.8 seconds in the standard sprint and a tip of 265 km / h. As a comparison, we have used two similar potent opponents: The Golf R with four-wheel drive creates "only" 250 km / h, undercut the GTI ClubSport S but in the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h at 0.7 seconds. The BMW M135i with rear wheel drive and 326 hp is braked at 250 km / h, but is accelerated by manufacturers in a minimum of 4.9 seconds from the stand to Tempo 100.

Both of them play their traction benefit against the GTI special model. VW has quite provided: semi-slicks and a mechanical blocking differential that works with the traction control, should provide sufficient adhesion of the front. Harder aggregate storage, a new pendulum use and a floating gear should increase acceleration comfort, says VW. In addition, the negative fall on the front and back was increased, which should benefit the curving dynamics and traction. The result is ambiguous: on the one hand stressed VW, on which Nurburgring with 7:49:21 have set up a new record for front-driven cars, on the other hand, the strongest Golf in the Stammtisch so important standard sprint is not the fastest.

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