Siemoniak: “the period of peace in europe is past”

The Polish Minister of Defense is enthusiastic about the NATO manovals in his country and he is not the only one

Politicians and media should tell the busts that the decades of peace of peace in Europe after the Cold War is past", the Polish Minister of Defense Tomasz Siemoniak is quoted today by the Observateur

Siemoniak underpinned this overlooking the "Russian-Ukrainian crisis, on the IS and the complex crisis in North Africa". Europe has more for its safety companies.

Of the "Shock set" (L’OBS) of the past peace periods fell with a press conference that Siemoniak was held together with NATO General Secretar Jens Stoltenberg in the Polish Zagan. There both had a virtue of the super fast NATO engaging force (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, VJTF).

The NATO spearhead unit will take you to the Manover Noble Jump in Poland " play their muscles", As a video illustrates, references the Siemoniak TwitterAccount. "A demonstration of military strong", so the euphoric accompanying text about the military reporter.

Yesterday was held at Poland’s BalticSecust, a militar manobe called Baltops, with the participation of 17 countries, including 14 NATO composites . Of this, the Supercommand of NATO and the American troops in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, was very impressed ("to Amazing Exercise Out on the Water "To).

US General BreedLove: The stationing of tanks in Eastern Europe No violation of NATO-Russia file

Breedlove also provided a remarkable statement against press representatives. He defended, "his plan to relocate the removal of a tank brigade to Eastern Europe" (USA plan weapons camps in Eastern Europe), with the note that he deals with the regulations of NATO-Russia file: "Because the unit is small enough and is distributed over different locations."

According to Lesart Breedloves, NATO in the Treaty of 1997 was committed only, "Substantial combat troops" not "continuous" to station in Eastern Europe.

In fact, in the basic file of 1997 on page 9, a sentence ames that the NATO bundnis in the "Counter-style and predictable security environment, his collective defense and other duties more likely to ensure that it is ensured the required interoperability, integration and ability to scales, as that there are additional substantial combat troops permanently".

Now, like the MilitarManover Nobel Jump for the enthusiasm of the observers, substantial combat troops are no longer defined by gross alone, but by their impact.

So the demonstration of the power of the small fast troupe has its many pages. It should not only impress the NATO composites, but also the Russian observers. The resulting their own reading of substantial troops.

The new spirit

In addition, there are many sentences in the text of the basic acts, which will follow another spirit – the caution and cooperation – as the Breedloves view is subject to the text . The general of the general is very good and the knowledge also the Russian politicians and generals and the manobs demonstrate that. A reaction from Russia will not have long been waiting for himself.

The spiritual bracket of the basic acts that "NATO and Russia do not consider each other as opponents", Will obsolete. In this respect, the phrase of the Polish Minister of Defense, after which the peace period is over, only for journalists a real shock. The gruse lies in how the peace period is done, is lined up on the side. For example, if you like Siemoniak call and the stationing of militar propagated as best peace policy.

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