Short informed 16.08.2021: twitter, e-bikes, matter, space telescope

Short informed 16.08.2021: Twitter, E-bikes, Matter, Space Telescope

Twitter: Account checks do not help against racism and hitting

Racist calls to hatred and hurt during the Fubball EM in July had an identity conveyation of users "probably not prevented". On this conclusion, Twitter comes to contribute to a now unavailable analysis and accounts that have been blocked during the sports tournament on the platform to be blocked relationship manner. At least from the permanently blocked accounts, 99 percent of the holders could be identified. The affected members of the social network posted almost without exception under their clear name.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 16.08.2021: Twitter, E-bikes, Matter, Space Telescope

Used e-bikes with warranty available

The e-bike trend is unbroken, but the raders are expensive and delivery times. With used electric raiders, there is a little remedy in these two points. So the manufacturer sold Cowboy represents its models C2 and C3 and relatively favorable. Interested parties save between 200 and 600 euros. Other manufacturers also sell used e-bikes from passed, which are mostly composed of leasing backrers or stored beams. If you are interested in a specific model, a look at the manufacturer website helps. Specialized handlers like Rebike or Bike Exchange also have used electric raiders on offer.

Smart Home: Connecting standard Matter is only 2022

Matter, the uniform connection protocol FURS SMARTE at home, comes later: Because the software development lasts as intended, the compatible smart home standard will be available only 2022. According to a blog entry of the Responsible Connectivity Standards Alliance, delays in the development of the software development kit Dafur ensure that the planned release window 2021 can not be kept. Matters involved numerous important manufacturers of smart home advised, they want to make their equipment compatible with it.

Space telescope James Webb

Researchers expect the start of the start of the "James Webb Space Telescope" Complete new findings. "It will simply open gigantic new windows and new opportunities", Says Gunther Hasinger, director of science at the European space residence ESA. The start of the approximately ten billion dollar expensive project of space agencies NASA and CSA and the ESA had been shifted again and again. Now the gigantic space telescope aboard an Arian body rocket with its four infrared instruments should be far deeper into all as his transaction, which has been working for more than 30 years working space telescope Hubble.

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