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Las Vegas, 7. January 2015 – the Chevrolet managers canceled warrants, warrants, because the decision-makers hold iron on the Chevrolet Volt, although the car is far from the expectations: the Chevrolet Volt and his even unsuccessful twin brother Opel Ampera were only rounded since the market entry in 2010 100.Sold 000 times. Again and again, production had to be stopped in the USA.

The second version of the US Stromer is officially presented in the next few days on the Detroit Autoshow (Naias 2015). But patience does not seem to be the strong of the Chevrolet bosses. They already took the electronics fair Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for the occasion to lift the cloth from the sheet metal dress of the Volt. Protective computing power is in this vehicle to be able to present it with certain rights there also there. To see was a changed, dynamic-acting front with a lot of chrome and narrower spotlights.

Growing displacement, smaller batteries, coarse range

Decisive is that the technology is modernized. The drive principle remains the same, the internal combustion engine will get a coarse capacity with 1.5 liters, the batteries should be more than 13 kilograms easier. Nevertheless, the range and the driving services are to be significantly improved, for which now FunF driving modes are to contribute instead of the previous four.

Among other things, the newly distributed operating modes should allow for the volts to be driven by one or both engines. Decisive is the coarse efficiency, which is also intended to contribute an improved regenerative brake system controlled with two paddles. In the course of an interior convertible, the volts also gets a coarse monitor. Market start should be in the second year 2015. According to Germany, the new volts does not come because Chevrolet has joined the market here. In this country, a new edition of the American electric shop with flash on the grill is not offered, Opel will build the Ampera by 2016 and then "definitely bring a succession product to the electric car segment on the market," such as Opel-Chef Karl-Thomas Neumann on 23. July 2014 notified.

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