Separatists do not want to know anything about the minsk

It becomes all time for realpolitik

In Ukraine, more than 5,000 people have been killed since mid-April, so the human rights organization of the United Nations Ohchr. Probably the number "considerably high". over 10.000 people were injured in time. In nine days between the 13th. And the 21. At least 262 people were killed at least 262 people, after the OHCHr "The deadtest time span since the proclamation of the weapons stick on 5 September".

The United Nations shows concern about the unreacted Minsk deal and on the presence of "foreign struggle in the east, allegedly also soldiers of Russia", and the "Presence of heavy and modern weapons in densely populated areas under the control of armed groups". Civilians were sitting in the trap, there are no respect for human rights. This is directed against the separatists, but also criticizes the subcontracting of the travel freedom in and from the areas controlled by the separatists and the hiring of the "public service" since November. Since then, no pensions, social assistance and hops are paid more, which make particularly old people, single mother or disabled people.

Meanwhile, it seems to be clear that the separatists could achieve military successes. This seems to have been conquered to be conquered by Donetsk’s fully destructed airport now. According to the "People’s Republic" Donetsk had suffered the Ukrainian quarrels of gross losses. In the exercise of the success, the separatists apparently see the Minsk deal as a umbrella. You do not want to do any prisoners of war, so something like that should mean that you no longer pay attention to martial law and overwalled. The driving of the "People’s Republic" Donetsk also explained the end of the truce and made the intention clearly to conquer further territories, more precisely, to the boundaries of the Donetsk region, which always means that exactly. One is in the "Open". You can talk further, but only with Prasident Poroschenko.

How Moscow actually influences the separatists who defend their power is unclear. The exercises of Sachartschenko came just the moment when Russian Aufemister Lawrov had promised to use the separatist prere to translate the Minsk deal. So put the separatists Moscow under prere or tries to play Moscow, to play on time and to disguise your own interests? The Ukrainian crowds want to destroy a Russian convoy near the airport and document this with photos.a. Show Russian IDs. The separatists should have switched off a hot power plant that the Lugansk region controlled by Ukraine has brought a blackout.

The German switching attempts were allowed to fail, as long as the created realities created in Ukraine are not included. Of the Crimea seriously nobody talks about, in which East Ukraine had to take place direct talk between the Ukrainian government and the separatist representatives. This does not want Kiev from traceable reasons, but if the overwaling military power lacks to take the abnormal regions, real policy should stop rather than nationalism. After all, the country standing before the bankruptcy shows daily between 5 and 7 million US dollars for the war in the Eastern Ukraine.

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