Second face

Second face

Frankfurt, 24. Marz 2014 – Inspired by the futuristic bikes showing through some Japanese anime and manga movies, the Honda NM4 vultus breaks with the geary design patterns. Honda calls this design rising cruiser "Vultus", This is the Latin word for appearance. In fact, she is a very visually changed version of the Honda NC 750x and is to be sold in lesser dosage. From 11.500 Euro without additional costs, however, it is also proud 3500 euros more expensive than its technical basis.

The futuristic look is created by faceted surfaces of your panel, and the only available color is a matte black. This reminds the bike away from a stealth bomber. The cladding has predominantly aerodynamic functions, but also offers storage space. In the left, front part of the structure is a one liter smaller compartment with ZWOLL-VOLT DC connector integrated, which will open with the end of the end. Another compartment on the right-hand side with three liters of volume open at the push of a button. Additional loading volume to surcharge suitcases. In addition, among other things, a high windshield and heated handles are available.

An optical version of the preserved NC 750x

If the pillar seat is not needed, he let up. He then snaps and can serve the driver as a backrest. To do this, the part can not only be set at an angle, but also longs three-stage. The headlight operates with LED technology, the front turn signals and the mirrors are embedded in the structure. The vultus weighs 245 kilos, is 810 millimeters wide, the seat is only pleasantly low 650 millimeters. The 745 cubic two-cylinder is tilted forward to save space and achieve a low center of gravity. He makes, according to Honda suitable for Cruiser characteristics, 55 hp at 6250 / min and 68 nm at 4750 tours. Consumption is given with 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers in the World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC). So the 11.6-liter tank for over 300 kilometers.

Honda’s dual-clutch transmission lets the driver the choice between automatic modes D and S as well as manual MT mode. Both in D- and S-mode, it can always engage in the control choice on the steering wheel switch at any time. In the normal operating mode, the instruments appear white, in D mode blue, in S-mode Pink and in manual mode red. Normally. Because the driver is available for configuration 25 colors. The chassis consists of a 43-millimeter telescopic fork, a monoshock Pro-Link rear expansion and alurades in 18 inches front and 17 inches rear. Front operates a 320-millimeter brake disc with two-piston saddle, rear a 240-millimeter slice with single-saddle saddle. A two-channel ABS prevents blocking raders on smoother or wet strain.

Who can inspire for the unusual appearance, should not come to Spat. The quota of the vultus for Europe is limited, says Honda.

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