Samsung 870 evo: an update for the success ssd

Samsung 870 Evo: An update for the success SSD

The Samsung 860 Evo arrived at the beginning of 2018 and she is still one of the most popular SATA SSDs today. Now comes the successor, the 870 Evo. The SSD will once again be with 250 and 500 GB and 1, 2 and 4 TBYTE. Currently Samsung has called only versions in 2.5-inch housing – whether the 870s like the process also as M.2-SATA SSD will be unclear so far.

Samsung uses for the 870 Evo Flash memory with more than 100 layers and triple-level cell technology (TLC), accurate numbers does not call the manufacturer. The Group prepared us in advance two SSDs, one with 1 TB, the other with 4 TByte. Both of the sequential write with 530 MB / s a tick faster than the process; However, more important is the speed for access to random addresses. Here both achieved nearly 100 reading.000 IOPs, in comparison, they were very fast at low request depths: just under 12.000 IOPs at a Queue Depth of 1 are good for a SATA SSD.

Constant write performance

The write performance did not fell with our 4 TB of gross test patterns after the staple of the 78 GB of GBL SLC cache, also the 1-TByte model with 42 GB SLC cache could hold the speed. For the smallest models with 250 and 500 GB, however, the write speed is to fall to 300 MB / s – at these the SLC cache is also significantly smaller. Under load, the 870 EVO is very stable, the PCMark 10 certifies her nearly 1200 points in the Drive Consistency Test – almost twice a used and only 250 GB gross 860 Evo and much more than many PCIe SSDs.

The endurance (ENDURANCE) should be sufficient for the vast majority of applications: Pro TByte storage space may be described with 600 TByTE as part of the Funf-year warranty. A system with SATA-SSD has no further acceleration from the 870 EVO, as a replacement for a system hard drive, the SSD is well suited.

The prices wounded by Samsung for the SSDs are quite high: the 250 GB version should cost 40 euros, the 500s 70 euros. For the versions with 1, 2 and 4 TByte calls Samsung 140, 270 or 550 euros. Compared to the 860 EVO, this is around 100 Euro surcharge at the 4-TByte model; The strain prices were allowed to fall in the next few weeks.

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