Rupping to gulden?

Bayern party took off from the euro

In the Federal Republic there are a number of receivables that are popular in the population, but are not offered by the parties represented in the Bundestag. This also takes the exit from the euro. This position is now offered by the Bayern party, whose delegated on a congress in the Oberfrankische Bamberg majority of the euro from the euro.

The Bayern party in 1946 was involved from 1954 to 1957 as part of a four-field coalition with the SPD, the FDP and the Personen Party Bhe in the Government in the Free State, but since 1953 no longer sits in the Bundestag and since 1966 no longer in the state parliament. Today she represents two burgermeisters and is represented in seven districts and in several community and city rates, including the Muncher. At the European level, she has joined the regional party network EFA, which forms a faction in the Strabburger Parliament together with the Greats. Among other things, the Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (N-VA), the Sudschleswigheitschenheitscherband (SSW), the Scottish National Party (SNP), the Welsh Plaid Cymru, the Sudtirol Freedom and the Enotna Lista, the party of Slovenes in Austria.

Unlike in the past, where cultural differences were in the foreground, the Bayern party greeted its plan of a full selfishness of Bavaria today with fiscal arguments and highlights that Germany with "73.2 percent sovereign debt in the ratio for gross domestic product on the six-sessed rank in Europe" and thus "Immediately behind the bankruptcy candidate Portugal" is 76.8 percent recorded. The Free State, so it is called in a press release of last year, frue "still over the relatively best conditions to free themselves from the debt trap, in [which he] was drawn by the Berlin central government" and was able to park the land financing payments to other federal standards after a transitional period.

The purpose of an exit from the euro is the application adopted by the Bayern party last week that the European policy was thrown on board the contractually guaranteed for the introduction of the new preservation of contractually guaranteed liability ban and soaked the stability criteria, which is why one "Imported money devaluation [threatens], which danger the prosperity of the burger in Germany and thus also bavaria". Since the Bayern party such an exit for a question of "special scope" Stop, the people should decide directly over him.


What should be introduced for a preservation after the exit from the euro, the decision is open. On the question of Telepolis, it is meant that this was not discussed at the party congress and that the question of its own Bavarian preservation is not yet in connection with a euro exit, but only then if Bayern should once become a Souveran state. Until then, it was quite a juxtage on the D-Mark, with which the Free State in the view of the Bayern party between 1948 and 2001 "not driven badly" is. However, one admits, in the board next to a reintroduction of the D-Mark and one "Bavarian Mark" also to debate one of the GULDEN, which in Bavaria until the introduction of the Mark on 9. July 1873 The valued preservation was and the value of 60 crosses, 240 pfennigs or 480 lights met. In Northern Germany, however, with the Taler, who was divided into 24 groschen, was expected to be worth 12 pfennige.

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