Rki publishes new version of the corona warning app

RKI publishes new version of the corona warning app

The official Corona warning app of the federal government is available in an improved variant for download. On Wednesday afternoon the current version 1 is.7 in the Google Play Store and the App Store appeared by Apple. With the update, the risk inspection can now take place several times a day. So far, the update took place only once a day.

In addition, positively tested users with the current version receive a reminder if they have not yet been divided their test result. The warning app of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) launched in June can measure whether mobile users have come to a long time closer than about two meters. If a user has been positive and has shared this in the app, she reports to other users that they have stopped nearing an infected.

22 million downloads

The application developed and operated by the two German tech corporations SAP and Deutsche Telekom on behalf of the RKI has now been downloaded more than 22 million times on suitable smartphones. The number of active users is somewhat under this value as some users reinstall the app or permanently disabled the Bluetooth radio.

In Germany, a total of 53 million smartphones are actively utilized, on which the app could run. With the current version 1.7 Can now be informed more quickly about possible risk regulations. The several times a review is automatically carried out according to the RKI information. Prerequisite for this is that the smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi. The standard daily risk testing will continue to be carried out independently of Wi-Fi a day, so on the mobile network.

To share the test results is reminded

Furthermore, users receive two hours after you have inflated the positive test result in the app a reminder to share the result, unless it happens. After another four hours, a second reminder takes place if users have not shared the test result yet. By clicking on the reminder, users go directly to the function to share their result. The makers of the app react to the fact that does not have all app users who have been positive positive, the result also entered the application and thus have the digital warning chain.

The released on Wednesday is the first of a total of four planned updates of the Corona warning app by the end of the year 2020. In the further updates, a contact diary should be introduced in which the users can enter themselves, with whom they met when. In addition, information about the development of the pandemic should be integrated into the app.

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