Risks and side effects of extended dna analyzes

Risks and side effects of extended DNA analyzes

In Freiburg, a technique was debated over the hazards and opportunities, which is quickly called in the context of spectacular criminal trap

The murders at the Freiburg Student Maria L. Last October and Joggerin Carolin G. Last November in the nearby endingen, the boilers not only agitated in Sudwest Germany. Since then, a debate has raged over extended DNA analyzes. The Federal Council Initiatives from Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria longed the way to Berlin. Also Federal Minister of Employee Heiko Maas (SPD) will now work out a draft. However, the opportunities of the new technologies are usually consumed completely completely and the risks are considered if they are perceived at the excited debate?. At a symposium the topic was debated excellently in Freiburg. The Minister of Justice of the Federation and countries will be advised on their conference on Wednesday and Thursday.

Natural and social scientists, criminalists, lawyers, privacy and anthropologists brought together in Freiburg to a "Qualitatop" to start. In fact, the debate is often surprised by unrealistic ideas that appeared by the US series CSI. Like to be done as if one has a lensed panacea for crime clarification at hand. "The opportunities are considered clearly, the risks, on the other hand, was massively undervalued", therefore also explains Prof. Dr. Anna Lipphardt, which researches at the institute for cultural anthropology and European ethnology, opposes Telepolis.

With your sister Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt is one of the initiators of the symposium. Both obedients of a multidisciplinary scientist group Freiburg, Berlin, Basel and Newcastle, who opposes a prime, unregulated introduction of extended DNA analyzes in forensics, but not primarily represents. But too many scientific, legal and ethical questions are open, for which it needs a broad expertise of scientists and practitioners. Welcome value for example "A concept for a scientific and practical initiative" first "Regulatory and quality standards for the possible use" To formulate, explain researchers to Telepolis.

In Freiburg, for example, Policeprasident Bernhard Rotzinger had in the context of the investigation after the murder of Maria L. after a "Phantom picture from the laboratory" proclaimed. In politics you quickly jumped on the train. It was the Black-Grune state government Baden-Wurttemberg, which was pretended to Justice Minister Guido Wolf (CDU) and had taken the appropriate Federal Council initiative on the way. (Extended DNA analyzes should help with murder clarification). A more comprehensive evaluation of DNA tracks had the police at the day "massively helped", Rotzinger said. The Freiburg Policeprasident wanted to examine the traces of blood, saliva or semen on skin, eye and hair color as well as origin and age on the crime scene.

However, according to Professor Peter Schneider, who leads the department for forensic molecular genetics at the Institute for Legal Medicine of the University Koln, is up to this "Phantom picture" At best, another way. That a company in the US already claims, "She could do the already and virtual facial images due to DNA tracks" Create, Schneider does not believe. "These are more of ethnic stereotypes, no individual faces. That’s a shame for serious science in my view", he said in the WDR interview.

"The features that we typify for advanced DNA analysis – Apply body features, genetic origin or chronological age – are not suitable for the identification of individual persons." You can only "Set group-specific characteristics". The can then serve the circle of possible eightier "in the hope" to reduce, actually find the tader in such a subgroup.

Although outstanding specialists like Schneider brakes, profound changes in the criminal procedure are already provided for. about the determination of external features and the so-called "Biogeographic origin" In addition, there is a significant expansion of the collection, storage and use of DNA tracks in several current legislation, which, for example, the search for "Almost hits" in police databases or the standard collection and storage of the so-called "genetic fingerprint" with all delicatics. The judge reservation as well as the information and custody obligation should be eliminated according to the previous ideas for a DNA removal.

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