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The US government encompasses the blockade against Cuba and at the same time promises coarse economic aid

What opportunities has a small island state to fight back the blockade of a world power? "Militarian none," says Cuban Ambassador in Germany, Gerardo Penalver. Cuba Konne Konne does not force the US with weapon violence at the end of the blockade or for withdraw from Guantanamo, the diplomat referred the position of his government in Berlin: "We remain only the diplomatic prere."This strategy pursues Havanna spat since 1992 in the UN – with increasing success. On Tuesday, the blockade was from the United Nations General Assembly to the meanwhile 14. Sentenced in a row. In the first year, there were still 59 examples of the application with the somewhat bulky title "to end the need to end the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the US against Cuba". Last year, 179 of the 191 members of the UN for the Cuban paper voted already. On the 60. General Assembly Then 182 states rejected the blockade policy. Against the application, the US, Israel, Palau and the Marshal Islands voted. The only abstention came from Micronesia.

The US government now openly explains to want to carry out a system change on Cuba with the blockade and increasing political lobbying since 1962. The Socialist Government in Havana responds to such envisions as expected: "The only transition to Cuba takes place to socialism," said Cuba’s Augustister Felipe Perez Roque before the vote in New York. The damage caused by the blockade quantifies its government to 82 billion US dollars.

Washington stopped at previous Cuba policy

Despite the broad rejection in the UN Washington probably does not change his policy – especially since the decisions of the General Assembly is not binding. In May last year, the block note requirements had only been saved. Since then, foreign companies may be occupied with penalties of up to one million US dollars since Cuba. Private individuals must be in the case of the abbrevision against the regulations with up to 250.000 US Dollar Bub money. According to a report of the Cuban Government to the United Nations, 77 companies and non-governmental organizations have been occupied by penalties in a total height of $ 1.26 million since the compilation of the provisions last year. Board members of the Canadian Group of Sherritt International and their families was denied entry into the USA in April this year because the mining company is active in the Cuban Nickel Industry. Sometimes, the reactions of US residents take abstruse. So the Spanish airline Iberia became 8.200 US dollars sentenced after one of their aircraft transported freight, which came after the discretion of US customs workers from Cuba.

After the repeated compaction of the block note requirements, Prasident had George W. Bush launched a commission for a free Cuba in May 2004. Your primary goal should be to promote the transition Cuba from a "Stalinist system" to a "democracy". In July of this year, Caleb McCarry, Republican and former member of the Committee for International Relations of the Reprused Agreement, was appointed by Au-Abin Minister Condoleezza Rice to commissioned the US government for the transition in Cuba. The step also offered in the USA for controversy. On the one hand, McCarry was the first time "Commission for a free Cuba "involved, from which the socialist government is to be driven in bankruptcy. As a transition coordinator, he should at the same time organize the civilian change on Cuba and eliminate the economic damage of the over four decades ongoing blockade.

Blockade and reconstruction – two sides of the medal

The institutional framework indicates that both tasks are in close connections. As a transition coordinator, McCarry is affiliated to the Buro for reconstruction and stabilization of the US Foreign Ministry. This job was founded in August 2004 by the then Dent Minister Colin Powell. Your task is to influence the development in so-called failed states (Failed States) and post-war regions – if necessary military.

That Cuba is attributed to the design of McCarles of this group, provided for opposition. The U.S. Institute for Peace, a research organization degraded by Congress, refused cooperation with the Buro for reconstruction and stabilization. Cuba attributed to this area is "rather a contribution to destabilization, as a stabilization," a member was quoted. In fact, McCarry had referred to as a success of the combined blockade policy that Cuba had created $ 500 million by the blockade of the blockade of $ 500 million in the past year alone. It is difficult to understand what this has to do with reconstruction or even stabilization.

However, there are indications for the fact that the designation of McCarles was more political than humanitarian targets. The Buro for reconstruction and stabilization is directed by Carlos Pascual. The birthcary Cuban was from 2000 to 2003 US ambassador in Ukraine, Father he coordinated US work in the Eurasian room. The work of his Buros is confused to a largely secret list of 25 crisis states that are created among national intelligence services (NIC) and at the same time identifies possible objectives of military interventions. Pascuals Buro works permanently with a number of military institutions. It already indicates that the strong attention of the US government is due to Cuba not only development policy interests.

In the case of a change of power in Cuba, it was important to the tasks of the transaction officer McCarry to maintain school operations and to provide schools "with new work materials and staff". The fact that this task was to be filled in concrete political criteria, with a look at McCrry’s political environment. After his appointment on the 28. July, he spoke his thanks "my mentor" Roger Noriega, the former Latin America commissioned Washington,. He thanked Aufemister Rice "for her fuferschaft in the interest of a free Cuba".

For 46 years, the dictatorship has succumbed and cruel Cuban families separated. But there will be Cubans, upright spirits on the island and from all over the world, of which the future of a free Cuba is determined. It is the responsibility of the civilized world to unite the Cuban family in political and economic freedom.

Caleb McCarry

Until then, the US government for the opposite. For the compilation of the blockade requirements last year, it is obvious to allow the Cubans approached in the US only one trip a year in their country of birth, even thurf them only visiting direct relatives. Other US burger would have to expect the Caribbean’s island with sensitive punishment at a unique journey. The showed effect: According to the Cuban Government, the number of US tourists has since been reduced by half.

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