Really comfortable, sporty and sparingly at the same time?

Really comfortable, sporty and sparingly at the same time?

Hair, 17. September 2008 – Over decades, automatic transmissions were considered a compromise that creates more comfort, but at the expense of consumption. That has changed primarily, especially since the dual-clutch transmission DSG of Volkswagen also inspires the developers of transducer machines additionally. Already in the Golf V we were able to contact the gasoline 1 from the Qualities of the 7-Gang DSG.4 TSI convincing, which is suitable for engines, which maximize 250 Newton meters of torque.

Golf V now for snap price?

Because the new Golf VI is already on the market from October 2008, there are now the opportunity to get the transaction model at the handler for customers now. We are therefore the Golf V with 7-speed DSG this time in combination with the best-selling TurboDiesel direct injector of the series, the 105 hp strong 1.9 TDI. This still works with the pump Duse Injection Technology. In the Golf VI, however, only self-cords with common rail direct injection are used, the more smoothness and lower consumption promise.

7-course DSG for smaller aggregates

"Efficiency, temperament and sportiness" – with these keywords the Wolfsburg automaker prove the double-clutch transmission developed in-house. While the six-stage DSG, which has been available since 2003, can be combined up to a maximum of 350 Newton meters, the 7-speed DSG is designed for smaller aggregates that develop up to 250 Newton meters of torque. Another difference: Compared to the double-clutch transmission with six ears in the latest variant, no "wet" works in an Olbad – running clutch, but a "dry". In addition, the seven-stage gearbox with 70 kilograms by 23 kilograms lighter than the version with six years. In addition, the Olpumper, which provides the prere for the hydraulic shifts, works "demand-oriented", so only when switched. In contrast to the 6-speed DSG, it does not waste unnecessary energy on a long constant ride.

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