Qualification maps and their meaningfulness

Qualification maps and their meaningfulness

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The Martin Schulz ideas on labor policy are not only coarse part symbolically, but also a pure repetition – Part 2

Part 1: Unemployment benefit Q or: repeated by the Leyens idea

Qualification measures

To the tasks of the Federal Agency for work and his landward endanges, in addition to the payment of transfer of transfer payments, continues to focus on the mediation of acquisitions and, quite in the sense of "Demand and promote", The mediation of training and further education for qualification of workers.

"More job security, more challenge, more promotion opportunities: we support your personal educational attitude with numerous information as well as various evidence and programs for further education." So it describes the Federal Agency for work in her self-representation.

The realitat looks like that for those who are interested in training or. These themselves, often difficult to receive funds here because this represents a can performance of the Jobcenter, and moreover through one of the more reported tactics of the job centers of training opportunities in a hopeless situation this is again available:

The trick here is to depend on a certain further education that it automatically leads to a new acquisition. Simply printed out: Only when an employer finds itself, who is committed to a new preparation, provided that further education is successfully completed, there is a cost-taking.

Since employers rarely deliver such a commitment, it is easy to reject costs for this reason why the opportunities for a new employment z.B. By learning additional programming languages, software programs or other qualifications sink or. stay bad. For ALG II recipients, there have been fewer funds for qualification measures for quantities, funds are invested in the administration instead.

In addition, the continuing education market is still a reason for criticism. Also without pre-warbar as caterpillar economy or corruption, several continuing education measures will be awarded to be awarded, the lectures there are more unsuitable, which is already larger for a part of the participants is already widely known, for the other completely unknown, so that already the composition of the participant leads.

Other ideas such as Z.B. the specially by the in cash "Teamwork" Training person developed in Hamburg are costly and brought only leaf success rates with themselves between the reality in a supermarket and the "To learn" By means of simulated customers, plastic preciases and empty pseudowine bottles but a difference to be unemployed existed and in the area of cashier not exactly a lack of applicants existed and exists.

As the Federal Court of Auditors found, there are also other problems: the successes or failures of the measures are not documented, records not updated.

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