Putin’s warning: “you want to be mecca and jerusalem”

The proposal of the Kremlin boss for an international anti-IS coalition lost in Europe different reactions. The force measuring between the US and Russia shifts from Ukraine to Syria

Since 2013, the news convoyed the Ukraine crisis the Internet. That has changed abruptly. On Monday there was 16 at Twitter.627 tweets on the topic "Russia and Syria" But only 1.074 tweets too "Russia and the Ukraine". The force measuring between the US and Russia has moved to Syria.

In Ukraine less shot

In Ukraine it gets quieter. In the "People’s Republic of Donetsk" Although on 18. September municipal elections take place, the Kiev does not want to recognize. But it will be less shot. On Tuesday, the Ukrainian Prasident Petro Poroshenko explained the planned 7. Mobilization of soldiers will not take place. Through the since the 1. September Copy truce in Eastern Ukraine "this possibility". The one since the 1. September continuous ceasefire is complied with rough part (Petro Poroshenko let chance pass).

In contrast to the Ukraine crisis, Russia has the better cards in the Syria crisis. Russia as "Occupant" Attrition, who always conquer new areas, falls hard in the case Syria. Russian Prasident made his proposal for a new international coalition against the Islamic State (IS) on 4. September, at the time when hundreds of thousands of escape from Syria searched protection in Europe. The European governments reacted helpless.

Putin's warning:'sie wollen nach mekka und jerusalem'

Putin on Tuesday in his speech on the CSTO summit: "And If Russia Had Not Supported Syria, The Situation In That Nation Would Have Been Even Vorse Than in Libya, And The Flow of Refugees Tod Be Even Greater." Image: Kremlin

Although Putin showed it for the hard attitude of Hungary against escape, but at the same time one of the few who talked about why there are so many escape of escape and how to loose the problem, just by a coalition against IS with the inclusion of the government of Syria.

A commentator of the Suddeutsche Zeitung called Putin’s Syria initiative as "Cases". But there are also positive reactions. The Foreign Ministers of Austria and Spain Pladding for a Involvement of Bashar Al-Assads in the fight against IS.

The spokesman of the sowing house, Josh Earnest, rejected the proposal of Vladimir Putin to create an anti-IS coalition, including the government of Syria as destabilizing and counterproductive. US Dent Minister John Kerry, who frequently telephones Sergei Lawrow in the last few days, gives the position of Prasident Barack Obama as follows: In Syria, there was no military solution and there was still opportunities for a political solution. He – Obama – believe that this goal can be achieved with the help of Russia, if Russia is his contribution bar. Another support of Assad – So Kerry – Konnne to escalate drove.

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